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  1. Hypothetical: SV650 in AT?

    Africa Twin
    Question for the more experienced folks here. How close are these two engines? Obviously, there would be some fabrication involved, but weight savings, power gains and fuel injection!!!!! Maybe someone has tried it? Just a thought, not something I've really considered, but interested in a...
  2. Overland Adventure Travellers Event 30/5 to 2/6/2013 - but heads up on the price too

    Hi all, I’m not sure how many of you will have heard of the new Horizons Unlimited (HU) Overland Travellers event – the HUBB UK. But I know that a bunch of XRVers have been to HU in previous years, because I’ve seen you guys there. I just wanted to give you the heads up on the new event. You...
  3. The Dark Side strength it gains

    Get you cheque book out ........ BMW Unveils Water-Cooled R 1200 GS in Cologne « – Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews
  4. Totally rookie rider - some tech help wanted, any extra advice welcome as well

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello everyone! I very recently happened upon a low cost purchase opportunity. A friend of mine is moving to another European country for a new job and he was looking to sell his FMX 650. I've been on the bike as a passenger quite a few times, he's someone i trust (so i knew he wasn't lying...
  5. dominator supermoto makeover

    Dominator / FMX
    Well I have had my dommie for about 2 years now and I have used this forum to gain a great amount of info about the dommie so I thought I would show you my dominator so far...... This is how it looked when I bought it: Well after a while of riding it I soon grew tired of the awful 90's pink...
  6. fmx tuning??

    Dominator / FMX
    hi all got 2006 fmx had race cans fitted awaiting header pipes and was then gonna have a dyno jet stage 2 and k&n filter fitted what gains should i expect fom these mods????? is there anything else i should do?? cheers
  7. Leo vince exhaust system 4 XL700

    Has anyone bought and fitted the new Leo Vince full system exhuast + end can for the XL700 Transalp, I was wondering if it is any good & worth buying? how easy was it to fit? & are the power gains worth the £340 price tag for the full system.
  8. Dual Exhaust for Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    Hello Guys, A few years ago when the ATIC email system was still working I believe someone sent a post on an Africa Twin with dual exhausts, but there was little or no information about it. Has anyone here ever seen or attempted to do this? I am mostly concerned with the aesthetics, but wouald...
  9. Power mods done successful.

    Power mods (with pics). Howzit all you Alpers, I posted a few treads some time back, asking advise on gains for the 650. Some suggested I buy a 700 and some suggested I leave it standard. Most missed my requirements all together. I do not want the 700, :blob6:I love the 650. All I needed...
  10. How to increase the power and torque on TA 650.

    I bought a 650 TA and read up specs. It seems the bike could use more power. I have on a free flow can with stock CAT and it made a noticeable difference. How ever, the CAT box and stock filters are the biggest flow restriction in my mind. I also know with singles and twins, the correct back...
  11. Engine Blue Printing

    Dominator / FMX
    Anyone ever "blue printed their engine"? By that I mean strip it down and then rebuild it all within the tolerances, bearings, journals etc. Tony Scott does this for race bikes, admittedly big sportsbikes, but the gains are amazing. Up to 6-8 bhp gains, on a stock engine, from when it came out...
  12. Kenwood TK 3201 radio mod

    Mechanical Advice
    Firstly I cannot condone breaking the law in any way and as such I cannot recommend doing the following modification ;) . If you proceed to do this then it is entirely at your own risk and you need to check if it breaks any laws for your area first. If you use an Autocom system and a Kenwood...