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  1. Africa Twin
    Mines gone a bit manky. All screwed up. Would be nice to change them.
  2. XR
    Hi im rebuilding a 2002 XR250R for a friend but he does not want gaiters so i need to find dust caps im in UK Thanks
  3. XR
    Hi all im looking for a blue seat cover and blue gaiters giving the bike a nod towards the 80's CR range, i can get gaiters but struggling with the seat cover im in UK Thanks
  4. Transalp
    So my Transalp Gaiters have more holes than swis cheese and look unsightly. So a few questions 1. Can I just remove them and not replace? Alternatives available? 2. How hard is it to remove the forks and put them back properly? 3. How hard is it to align them once back in? do they just 'fall...
  5. Transalp
    Anyone know of any compatible ones that will fit, as no-one seems to be selling any specifically for a 700?
  6. Transalp
    How easy is it to take the front forks off to replace the gaiters- mine are in a sorry state. It's not so much the taking off as putting back correctly so as not to muff up the handling?
  7. Dominator / FMX
    Over the next few days i am going to fit new fork gaiters, now the bike is a bit too tall for me and i thought i might drop the the yolks about an inch to compensate, doe's anybody think this may have an adverse effect on handling ? or should i leave well alone?
  8. XR
    Hi all, I have just acquired a 1984 350, its running but I need the following: Blue fork gaiters, replacement seat cover in blue, yellow race # backgrounds and maybe a headlight. Also a PDF workshop manual, and parts book. Could anyone help with useful links and info? Many thanks Ian...
  9. Africa Twin
    Bought a new pair of gaiters for the RD04 and just checked the price on the gaiter clamps / clips - £11:83 each!!! That's £47.82 for what are effectively 4 thin jubilee clips, for goodness sake. Needless to say, I shall be looking for alternatives.
  10. Transalp
    Hello folks, first post on here so go easy :thumb:. I'm in the middle of stripping back/modifying my 2009 XL700V. I'm looking for fork boots but don't know the size to get, I'm away from home at the moment so can't measure up myself...Has anyone any idea? Diameter and length to go for? Cheers Al
  11. Africa Twin
    I have bought some neoprene fourth gaiters and was wondering if anyone has navy experience of pouring then on? Do you need to take the forks out of the steering head to get them on? Or is there a simply slide in method from the bottom? Cheers in advance
  12. XRV Swap Shop
    Looking for a set of blue fork gaiters for XL 600 LM seen the ones on eBay but not sure if they match the originals. Also does anyone know the colour of the front forks it looks like a flat gold ?.
  13. Africa Twin
    Hi, I read somewhere here that the AT fork is 43 mm diameter, what is the lower diameter and the lengthe of the gaiter (the fork rubber thing that compresses when you break), I am trying to find a suitable version that would fit the Varadero 2007 model of 43 / 63 diameters. Cheers
  14. Varadero
    Read some discussion on this issue, but can't find the tread. Where do I get gaiters 43mm/63mm and 195mm long of Honda OEM quality ? Anyone fitted to Varadero ? Anything to look out for when disassembling the front legs, could they become different length / not aligned ?
  15. Transalp
    Has anyone found a cheaper solution that the honda gaiters? Rick
  16. Dominator / FMX
    I'm looking to please gaiters on my dominator were are doing the best deals
  17. Varadero
    Has anybody fitted fork gaiters? If so where did you get them from? rob
  18. XR
    Where would the best place be to purchase a chain and sprocket set and a pair of gaiters for a 89 XR600? I've called David Silver and he cant help with the gaiters, I'd just like to go to one store. Oh and I am looking for non standard sprockets... Cheers
  19. Transalp
    anybody got / fitted neoprene "sock" type fork gaiters in place of the accordeon black plastic things? effectiveness? esthetic? will they slide on from the bottom or do you have to dismantle the forks anyway? Ta, :thumbup:
  20. Transalp
    Hi, I need a set of front fork gaitors for my 2001 Transalp. Does anyone out there know of any after market varients, as the genuine Honda ones are £32 each! Pretty steep for a bit of plastic tubing. Thanks for your time. Davy :angry5:
1-20 of 24 Results