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  1. Wanted: Larger fuel tank for '02 XR400

    Hi Team, Just thought I'd ask on here before I put a good hole in £300... does anyone have an oversize tank for an '02 XR400 floating about? Was after the IMS 4.0 gallon one in Natural colour, but would also be happy with a Clarke or Acerbis. Done a lot of looking around, and 98% of them are...
  2. Dreaded RFVC cracked heads

    I am so eager to buy a good old 1988 XL600LM (1987 last year production), and I found several, but what keeps me from handing the cash is the dreaded cracked heads that RFVC motors seem to suffer from. And strangely, nobody knows the exact cause. Could be bad quality of oil. Could be starting...
  3. 700 alp fuel consumption

    just letting you transalpedians know after 188mls i checked the fuel put in the tank 14.26ltrs 60miles to the gallon from a 23000miler 700 VA9not bad at all eh<br>Neil
  4. For Sale: 4 ltrs Silkolene Comp 4 10w-40 only £31.16

    For Sale / Wanted
    20% Off web site price with voucher code COMP4 4 litres £31.16 | 1 litre £7.19 Silkolene Comp 4 10w-40 is one of our most popular 4T engine oils and what's more we currently have it on offer! In addition to this offer we are also giving 15% Off all Gear Oils with voucher code GEAR15 and 15%...
  5. Gunk or not to Gunk that is the question.

    Dominator / FMX
    I've spent a good bit of the day in the rain / sleet / wind trying to degrease various bits of the bike. Started of by going and buying a gallon of Gunk thinking/remembering this would cut through the grime and do the job. Gunk sure isn't what I remember it to be - despite serious scrubbing with...
  6. Miles per Gallon?

    Africa Twin
    I have been checking the MPG on the A/T recently and I was getting about 45 mpg fill to fill and since putting on the Remus Grand Prix can and link pipe it has dropped to 40 mpg,i know I can put some of this down to being a bit over zealous with my right hand listening to the exhaust but do...
  7. My phone app

    After a few of you were crash-test dummies for my early phone app. I have made a lot of modifications and I think it is well worth having a go using it now. There were some gremlins with the download speed of the Android version (sorry to Ian Porter, who suffered the most) but I think that has...
  8. Scrumpy advise needed

    Ok you apple crunching Somerset boys.( Bob, right up your street this one ) :D I bought half a gallon of still scrunpy from this lot when I was down that way on hols about 5 years ago. Torre Cider Farm near Minehead in Somerset. All the apples are grown in our orchards or come from old cider...
  9. Extra fuel options??

    I did a search for this but found no replies as such My Gasgas only has a small tank 9l and in the next couple of months i am going to buy it a large capacity tank which will gain just over a gallon. I am however thinking that this will probably be not big enough for road trials next year. Does...
  10. k& n air filter

    I have fitted a second hand air filter to my 2000 varadero. I was getting 39 to the gallon, now with no other changes, I am getting 46 mpg, very pleased with that, it works out to a tank range of 220 miles. steve

    Hi, been on this sit a while from when i had an AT, but picked up my varadero this week, it on a 54 plate, 6000 miles with full luggage, givi bars, vario screen, scottoiler and a hugger, its in great condition and i am off to europe in 4 weeks on it so fitted an autocom and zumo yesterday, had a...
  12. Adding a second fuel tap to a Clarke tank

    Hi guys, Searched the site to no avail so looking for some ideas. :confused: I have an XR650r for which I have just purchased a new Clarke 4 gallon tank. It has the normal fuel tap at the rhs as per the standard tank. I was thinking of adding another tap to the LHS as it seems there is a big...
  13. What a f*****g day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Couldn't decide what i wanted for Xmas so opted for a new set of plastics and graphics for the trials bike, bikeslooking sweet and today i was christening it. Enter the first trial (championship trial in novice class) in a few months since we had the baby. The trial was over 30 stages (3 laps of...
  14. Fuel Pump Problem?

    Today I suffered a recurrence of an intermittent problem with my 1999 Varadero. The problem had not occurred for more than 1000miles or so, but today, in the p***ing rain on the edge of Dartmoor its happened again. This is what happens:- While riding the bike splutters and loses power, changing...
  15. XR650r Clarke Tank

    For anyone interested..... I just bought a 4.2 gallon (US) Clarke Tank from Enduro Shak on flea bay. £148 including post and packaging and £38 vat at customs. Cheaper tha the £219 plus £12 p and p on a uk site. They are doing a discount just now. Took 16 days from order to delivery, this...
  16. Ok Ok Ive been gone a while .....

    Africa Twin
    Lads Motorcycling riding and quaffing fine ales..............Well its like this I now ride my Restored / loved Africa Twin every where , to work , to home to bed . Im welded to it . The last couple of night's while slumped over the handle bars in the bedroom waiting for day break the age old...
  17. Fuel consumption again, things just don't add up???

    Hey sorry to bring fuel consumption up again, but i was looking through my Haynes manuel for something, when i noticed that it say the xl650 transalp should only be getting 33mpg (miles per imperial gallon) or 7.3mpl (miles per litre). This gives a tank range of 143miles. This seems very low to...
  18. miles per gallon?

    Took a test ride yesterday on a wee strom - great ride but the varadero still wins ;) With petrol prices rising I was looking at fuel economy. Worked out mine on an 05 varadero 1000 and its about 50mpg on average. Anyone get any better/worse?
  19. Miles per gallon

    Africa Twin
    200 mileish(not including reserve), less if you are not limp wristed like me.