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  1. Ride Reports and Pictures
    It was a good one. Here's a taster ;)
  2. Chatter
    Has anyone used a Mountain Equipment Starlight IV 4season sleeping bag as I'm thinking of getting one for Galloway, seems like a good price for a 4 season. Or any better suggestions. Thanks Mike :thumbup:
  3. Austin's Adventures
    Elle from the ABR forum is hoping that someone is travelling to the Galloway meet in a van and would be willing to squeeze her and her Serow 225 in. She is in the Leeds area. Any offers?
  4. Austin's Adventures
    This is for all those who want stickers for the event. Please post your forum name and how many stickers you require so I can get an idea of the numbers to forward the order to the printer. The price last year was £1 per sticker so I will try to get the same deal this time. :icon_smile: Andy.
  5. Chatter
    I'm hoping to get away for a few days at the end of Apr, and thought I might check out the Galloway forest area. I've not been there before, so if anyone can recommend some roads (or very light tracks - will be solo on a Vara so don't want to risk an off!), i'd be really grateful. Thanks in advance.
  6. Chatter
    Okay own up, who's responsible? Galloway hillside wild fire 'very serious' Has XRV left its' mark again?? 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  7. Transalp
    Recently had new rubber put on for upcoming Galloway meet. Looking at tyre pressures (OK) today when I spotted this. Definite crack in rim near valve - should I be worried?
  8. Chatter
    And down it comes, as promised by the forcasters :rolleyes: Get it out of the way now I say, before Galloway :-D Steve T :cool:
  9. Austin's Adventures
    I now have the Friday off - woohoo Whose going up on the Friday and what time etc?
  10. Austin's Adventures
    Is there much demand for 2012 stickers? Price will hopefully be the same as last year (£2.00 each) but hopefully I can get them sorted out for the event and bring them with me meaning no postage or paypal charges Size will be the same as last year (15cm x 8cm) and will be basically last years...
  11. Austin's Adventures
    The Scottish Forestry Commission have now confirmed that they are OK for us to ride the bikes through the Galloway forest again. The dates will be meet on Friday 29th (this is a bank holiday for the Royal Wedding), ride through the forest on Forestry Tracks on Saturday and make our way home on...
  12. Austin's Adventures
    I haven't approached either the King of Piel or the Scottish Forestry commission yet, but thought about the following dates and outline arrangements for these events this year: Galloway: 29th/30th April /1st/2nd May. This is the looooooong weekend of the Royal Wedding, and I dunno about you...
  13. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi I have been working on the video from our great weekend at Galloway forest park , please click on the following link to view the video on Vimeo . XRV Galloway Forest Weekend on Vimeo You will need broadband to watch ... and may take a moment to load. 25 minute video :rolleyes: I have...
  14. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, well brilliant weekend and great to meet a few well lots noew faces and the ride out saturday was excellent , great to try out me now tyres:p well done Austin A big thanks to Austin fro letting me stay at his place thursday evening and the Cake;) Arrived home at 4.30pm after leaving...
  15. Austin's Adventures
    Am heading North next Friday morning, Shropshire up to either Stoke or A49 towards Manchester, then a drone up the M6. Anyone else heading thataway in the morning want some company? Also, if anyone is heading North and needs a place to rest up or summat,we are more than happy to see you. We...
  16. Austin's Adventures
    I'm hoping to go down late Friday morning. Anyone else heading down / across around this time? Regardless of times if you are going make sure you take the B797 through Wanlockhead (Scotland's highest village) Decent road through some stunning scenery and it will only add a few minutes over the...
  17. Austin's Adventures
    I am due to meet one of the forest rangers on Thursday 1st July for a recce along some of the routes I have planned, and have a review of the overall event. Does anyone want to come along on the basis that 2 heads are better than one? I think we will be travelling in one of their vehicles, but...
  18. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Today I thought I would nip up to Loch Ken in the Galloway forest park just to see how long it takes to get there so that I know on the day of the outing that Austin has planned when I will arrive. But like all good plans it went t*ts :rolleyes: up as I decided to have breakfast at the Cafe...
  19. Austin's Adventures
    I will keep this post updated with the latest position and news - a single source of the truth about this event. Changes will be highlighted in italics and colour. Latest Edit 10/07/10 at 13.30 The Scottish forestry commission have just given me permission to lead a group of Adventure...
  20. Austin's Adventures
    Does any one know the Galloway Forest Park area well. I could do with some help.
1-20 of 20 Results