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  1. Transalp
    Just changed both sprockets today but the front one (+1 tooth) is slacker on the shaft that the one i took off. As anyone will know who has changed a sprocket the bracket with two bolts to retain the sprocket has to align in the gap on the spline as they do not line up otherwise. Anyone suffered...
  2. XR
    So i have a Honda XR200 that I am slowly rebuilding I am no expert when it comes to motorbikes. I am currently working on the brake side of the rear wheel I have fitted the brake hub but I have noted that there is still a gap on the wheel when the brake is on and i don't know what part I need...
  3. Other Honda
    I have a 2001 XLR125RW and I've tried to find a manual with no success. I've got the bike running but its not starting up well and the tappits sound noisy. Does anyone know the valve clearances for this bike? And the spark plug gap? Need these urgent as I'm supposed to be doing my cbt on this...
  4. Africa Twin
    I'm looking at getting some new rings for the AT, but I see 3 sets available. What is the number they're defined by? Is it the gap at the opening of the rings, or the thickness? And what's the practical difference between them? Have a look...
  5. Varadero
    I am sure this has been asked before but I am quite a new varadero rider, I am only 5'10'' tall but the stock screen still doesn't seem to protect me that match. I have tried to put some rubber spacers in to provide a gap but this has not helped much and it is as high as it can go. What do...
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I've just bought some NGK Iridium plugs for my service in a couple of days. They seem to be what most folk on here seem to like. I presume the spark gap is set as it should be or has anyone found the perfect gap to set them to prior to fitting? cheers Andy
  7. Africa Twin
    Can anyone check the width of their RD03 from outer end of one flasher to the outer end of the other. That's basically barely less than the gap between panniers. And while we are measuring stuff, how wide are the handle bars? TIA Lee
  8. Transalp
    Nice try Honda, trying to make TA tappet adjustment almost impossible ... ... but today I adjusted the Blue TA's front exhaust tappet gap !
  9. Dominator / FMX
    After setting my valve clearances yesterday so they was spot on, today they have dissapeared into thin air. With four revolutions of the engine they are still tight. with no gap. 1st revolution there is a click from the valves as the piston rises up to gap. 2nd revolution, no...
  10. Transalp
    Hi Chaps, I am new to the bagster tank bag world and have a question on fitting. Do you tuck the front part of the tank bag into the gap between the fairing and the fuel tank or is it meant to sit over the top of this? Cheers, Nick.
  11. Africa Twin
    Can anybody tell me why these have bent like this sorry pics are poor quality they are off my RD07. I have just put new discs on and they seem to work okay and there is no movement on the disc or caliper. The picture is the discs one on top of each other and there should be no gap at all. Thanks
  12. Yamaha
    I have an old DT175 and I am just abou tto set the points gap but I cannot find any info on it . I have tdc but I need the specs of Gap and how many degrees or mm before tdc that I need to set it to , If anyone has the info i would gratefully appreciate it
  13. BMW
    is the noise my airhead make since it was washed last week. Water is sitting in the gap between the rocker cover and head (above the centre bolt) and slowly boiling away. Now without taking the cover off again for a look, should there be a way for the water to escape or does it just sit there...
  14. Suzuki
    My gear lever is a bit loose and doesn't seem to have enough left to tighten it to the shaft. I've looked on line for a replacement but they seem few and far between on this island. Do alternative models have the same ones? Or shall I break out the Dremel clone and 'adjust' the gap? :)
  15. XL
    been riding with guys on bigger bikes. i was wondering what the spocket size would be to get a bit more torque, i seen to have a big gap between first and second?????????????
  16. Transalp
    just wondering is there any other irish riders on here? iv seen a few transalps in the last month up the hills,im from wicklow myself,near the gap ,riding a 98 black and grey 600 with givi monokey's
  17. Africa Twin
    Got brembo 4 pot caliper mounted today and all seems be lining up nicely and brakes feel very nice spaced disc out with 3mm spacers and caliper and hangar just sloted in nicely Had grind 2mm off rear of caliper (hated doing it) but have about 0.5 - 1mm air gap between spokes and caliper They...
  18. Accessories
    Has anyone got one? Thoughts? The bag is 50+ litres, I'm guesssing it will hold as much as a pair of hard panniers as you can pack it tightly and fill every gap. Will it be big enough for a potential trip to Spain. I have minimalist camping equipment. Any info would be great.
  19. Africa Twin
    Hi. Just got a set of four Iridium plugs (DPR8EIX-9) and am interested to know if I need to set the gap or if I can use them straight out of the box. Thanks. Si...
1-20 of 30 Results