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  1. Parts list wanted.

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, I am in the middle of deciding whether to replace an output shaft on the AT, XRV750 - 2002. Can anyone give me a list of the parts I need to order, gaskets etc to do this job? - gonna use the VT750 shaft. Also is there anything else worth doing whilst I have the engine in pieces?
  2. far should I go!

    Africa Twin
    Hi, My 2001 AT has 18,000 miles on it. It runs poorly and stumbles and vibrates a lot. Over the winter I think a carb strip and rebuild is in order. Any thought as to have far should I go? Remove carb?. Strip? Fit new jets, gaskets, etc? Ultrasconic cleaning? Replace diaphragms (if fitted)...
  3. Wanted: XR400 Gaskets

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi I'm probably in the wrong section but I'm rebuilding a 2000 XR400 and i need a generator gasket and a clutch cover gasket any ideas where i can get these anyone please? i live in Tamworth in the Midlands UK cheers.
  4. Exhaust gasket ?

    Has anyone tried these gaskets out yet , if so what was the verdict. They look as though they will last longer than those silly graphite jokes.
  5. Check your starters

    Africa Twin
    Took off exhaust pipes to clean and polish them and to change valve cover gaskets which are leaking. Why not to check starter while everything is stripped I thought and here is why I saw :tard:
  6. XR125L Exhaust

    Hi, My exhaust needs replacing and I've seen a reasonably priced 2nd hand one on Ebay but it's off an XR100. I know nothing about exhausts and I don't have a manual and I can't find an answer from Google. Does anyone know if it would fit a 2006 XR125L? Also, can someone point me in the right...
  7. gasket help

    Africa Twin
    Hi I am getting round to sorting the oil leak. Defo on the stator side and most likely that gasket but while I am there I will do all seals/gaskets at the same time - as far as I can tell, there is the main gasket - 11395MM1000 and a smaller one for the timing cover and a few o ring type seals...
  8. Blipping the throttle

    My old XL1000V2 used to backfire on the overrun a lot so I took the exhaust system off and replaced all the gaskets, etc. including the infamous seal on the downpipe. This cured the backfire on overrun but I can still get the occasional pop if I blip the throttle. Any ideas what it might be?
  9. cam blade change

    CRF - New Forum!
    has anyone out there tried changing the cam without taking the head off , by taking the engine cover off . if not its new gaskets for me , cheers . mines a 06 crf450 x
  10. 1998 XR250 - Rocker weep

    Just got back from a trailriding weekend and my bike has sprung a rocker cover leak Soon after buying the bike & whilst doing the valves, I realised the stud was missing (snapped off in the head by a chimp of a previous owner) but it wasn't leaking But it is
  11. which gaskets to use?

    Africa Twin
    Planning a countershaft swap on my 750L as the splines are dead. I priced up the shaft which was not too expensive but the gaskets for the whole job if I use Honda oem are approx £180+ vat - the supplier said they can get pattern ones for around £65+ vat per set. Anybody got any views on oem...
  12. Exhaust gaskets.....

    need replacing according to the Honda dealer who is servicing my bike. They quoted me £ 300.00 which seems to me far too expensive. Any opinions/advise pls...? They also say this may be an issue when it comes to the MoT renewal date (not due yet) is this correct..? Any comments greatly...
  13. gaskets,seals,o-rings

    Mechanical Advice
    does any one know of any websites that sell these parts for an xr400, im after the rubber o ring/seal that goes on the oil filter casing, and id also like to replace the one that seals the outter clutch side casing, where can i order these from ? need them before the weekend! cheers
  14. Free XL185S Gaskets

    Would the person who PM'd me about these gaskets please get in contact again as I have lost/mislaid your email address.
  15. Free: Free XL185SA gaskets

    For Sale / Wanted
    If anybody wants some gaskets all you need do is send me a SAE and i'll post them back to you.First come first served.First one to post up your email address and i'll get back to you. They are a base gasket, CDI outer cover gasket and a CDI housing cover gasket.
  16. Crankcase cover gaskets - do they exist?

    I am right in thinking that there's a gasket underneath the right hand (clutch side) crankcase cover - no? The Haynes manual makes reference to it on page 2.44 ("locate the new gasket onto the dowels..."), so why can't I see it in the fiche or find it in the electronic parts catalogue at...