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  1. BMW
    Brisbane BMW dealer Motorline Motorrad have produced a F800 GS as a tribute to Gaston Rahiers Paris Dakar winning bike. MOTOAUS.COM - BMW F800 GS Gaston Rahier Replica | Dirt News and Features | dirt If I get tired of my blue/white livery, the above could be an option.
  2. Africa Twin
    G'Day All Just to introduce myself to this group. My name is Ron (aka RTO) and I live in (currently) dusty & dry Queensland (Oz)! I have been riding Adventure / GS / Dual Sport before these words came into use. Dual Sport? I ride a GS100 (it is a 86 Gaston soft race replica) & a KATO 950...
  3. Transalp
    I have gleaned many useful bits of info from this forum in the past, so I thought I may reciprocate. A few words on DIY panniers for the TA. Frankly, new hard panniers and fitting rack are an extortionate price, so a DIY solution seems a good idea. The panniers themselves are not a real issue...
1-3 of 4 Results