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  1. XR250R o'ring Decompression lever

    Gday how do I replace the o'ring where the decompression arm goes into the head. I can visibly see the o'ring but i dont know how to remove the arm/actuator.
  2. Carb overhaul Kits

    Africa Twin
    Gday, Ive been unable to locate any Carb overhaul kits on the few aftermarket sites that Im aware off. Can anyone tell me if overhaul kits are available from anywhere please. Thanks.
  3. Switch Blocks and light panel for RD04

    Africa Twin
    Gday, Ive been looking through the few sites that I know about but unable to find replacement switch blocks as mine are very faded and the writing has long gone. The same with the indicator light panel. Genuine parts only? or does someone make a replacement for these. Cheers
  4. G'day from Down Under

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    G'day, After a long search I finally have a Varadero parked in my driveway. It's an 08 with 12,000km on the odo and factory panniers. Rode it home in torrential rain, gale winds and 5 degreeC temps - Loved it :cool: Now to start modding it for some serious touring in Australia 8) I have...
  5. Gday from Sydney

    Gday guys i have a 08 Vara.I ride 80%dirt 20%road.I have only had the bike for about 4 weeks so i still have alot to learn about the bike.Cheers Peter
  6. G'day from perth

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Guys, Just joined the forum and thought I'd say hello. I used to ride road bikes when I lived in the UK but that was a long time ago, last bike was a 64 bonneville back in the 70s. I hadn't rode since, until my son bought a yamaha TTR600 and persuaded me to try trail bike riding. Well I got...
  7. G'day

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    G'day all, I'm here to share the hard-won knowledge gained from punting early TransAlps.:hello2: I'm currently punting a Yamaha TDM850, on which I'll occasionally run knobby tyres. I owned and loved for many years an '87 Honda Transalp (ex ATGreg) called 'The Trannie', and I also briefly owned...
  8. G'day from Down Under

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hey all, after years of riding 250's and 350's I've finally grown-up and am now into adventure touring. So much so that I've written a book on it. Next bike - DR 650 Next ride - looking for 'The Brisbane Line' Next book - see above on above that ;)
  9. G'Day

    Hi fellow XR owners. Im a fanatical xr owner who lives in outback OZ and would like to say hi to all xr owners. Ive got a 2004 XR250r sadly the last model available in this country.(crf"s from now on)and give it a hiding whenever i can. I am fortunate to live in an area where i can ride off my...
  10. G'day from Sydney, Oz

    Dominator / FMX
    G'day all Jaq here, in Sydney. Just bought my second NX 650. I was one of the first to have the original 88 model. Had it for 3 years, did about 80,000 kms on it before the piston started slapping away. Should have repaired and kept it. Great bike. But I've got over 300 thou kliks on the old...
  11. Gday from a new member and need advise on the Tripmaster.

    Africa Twin
    Hi all from Down Under. :D We don't get many AT's down here so this is a great site from me !! I have a 96 @ which I have owned for about 2 years now . What a great bike! My previous bike was a Varadero and I must admit, I miss the HP.. Quick Question... My Tripmaster works fine however the...
  12. G'day again

    I just posted a few in the pics section for those that requested them. Not really sure what you wanted to see but if those are ok, I'll post a few more when I get chance Take care out there
  13. G'day

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Cheers all Just thought I'm droping a line to shortly introduce myself. I'm a passionated tourrider and signed this up because allthough I'm not a Honda-Rider I'm simply keen on anything that has to do with motorbikes or tourriding. Corse-Break Corse Col de L'Iseran Grand Canyon de Verdon...