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  1. For Sale: £25 get geared voucher code for £15

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    anyone fancy this voucher code for only £15 si
  2. For Sale: get geared £25 voucher code for £15

    For Sale / Wanted
    anyone fancy this, i have a £25 voucher code to be used against any get geared order
  3. £50 off TCX Infinity boots at Get Geared

    Discounts / Deals
    just had an email from Get Geared and they have TCX Infinity boots at £189.95 (£50 Off) there's discounts on other TCX boots too Search Results
  4. For Sale: Held 2 Finger Winter Gloves

    For Sale / Wanted
    Pair of Held 2 Finger Winter Gloves, generally as shown on Motorcycle Gloves - HELD 2272 Winter Motorbike Gloves Nordpol for approx £40 new from GetGeared. Selling for around £25 posted in UK Now on ebay Size 11, XXL. Little use (now have heated gloves), but these did work well, esp when...
  5. Shopping: Arai Tour X3

    Doing research on where to shop for an Arai Tour X3, and thought I'd share the results: Helmet Superstore Motorcycle Helmets - Crash Protection Superstore £399.99 Sports Bike Shop Motorcycle Helmets, Clothing, Jackets, Gloves, Boots & Accessories £354.99 Lids Direct Lids Direct - Shoei...
  6. Sold: Honda PS125 Scooter / 09 plate

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I'm putting my daughters scooter up for sale as she's now discovered the wonders of geared bikes and wants to change before taking her test. it's a white 09 plate with about 3500 miles on the clock but is in daily use so it's going up a bit. it's got three registered keepers, the dealer (pre...
  7. What is the real correlation between speed and MPG?

    Mechanical Advice
    The recent thread on the performance of modern cars evolved into a comparison included a post with a chart showing the drag coefficients of cars and bikes. It seems that bikes are not very slippery. I also remember from my school days that the faster you go, the energy needed to keep...
  8. speedo drive compatability

    Dominator / FMX
    im getting my domi front wheel rebuilt with a 19" rim,for a flattrack project,this will obviously throw the speedo gearing out,so was wondering if the speedo drive off a slr650 would be compatable,as that has a 19" wheel,any one think this would work or not,or are they the same and the clocks...
  9. Adventures on the Isle of Mull

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Note: Sorry could not make the National this year but for personal reasons, I had to stay fairly close to home.. maybe next year .. :thumbleft: Advertures on the Isle of Mull .. So my Adventure Started on Thursday Morning , leaving first thing , head down to Aberfeldly , heading west from...
  10. has anyone got one of these?

    Hi guys, just saw this helmet and thought it was great value for its shape and i want a Mx helmet with a visor.. any feed back would be great if you have one on how noisy it is hardwearing etc... Thanks,
  11. Domi or FMX differences in gearing ??

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I am getting a "exotic" frame to put one of those engines in and wonder if the FMX have a higher lower 1st and 2nd gear better suitable for road use. I have a tuned Domi engine in my Honda GB and 1st gear on that one are just too low geared... Can anyone help with data ?? Regards Arf
  12. Was thinking of selling my @!

    I´ve had a bit of a hankering lately for a Yamaha TDM850 to replace my trusty @. Now I´m not so sure. This is a posting I´ve just put on the TDM forum: "Not a good day............................. it didn´t go well. Been down the pub for a couple of beers to settle my nerves, so please excuse...
  13. Bungee Strap Fittings

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi, I am looking for bungee strap fittings to attach to my bike or panniers - something like this Bungee Strap Fittings - anyone know of anywhere in Ireland I could get these??
  14. Gps tank bag

    Mechanical Advice
    Ok, here's a tricky one: I am looking for a tank bag for my 2001 TA that will hold my gps (preferably allow operating its touchsreen too) and also act as a shoulder bag or back pack. Here's what I 've found so far: Bagster Gipsy and Touareg Held Givi T470 and T478 (though no pictures with...
  15. xr400 sprockets

    hi, i've just bought a 97 xr400, its been geared down, anyone know what the standared size sprockets are? it will only do about 55 happily!:p
  16. Selling my XR

    Yes, sadly :rolleyes: starting uni in Sept so I need to get a more practical form of transport. 1996 XR400R TAX and MOT run out start of april, it WILL fly through the MOT and tax is only £33 Quite low mileage, cant be exact due to using a cycle speedo when the cable snapped a month ago...
  17. Hello!

    Just joined, normally lurk at thumpertalk, but 99% of them are yanks. Eurgh! Got a 96 XR400R, Hotcam Stage 2, Mikuni BST40 carb on it. Geared for road. 22 Years old, this is like my 10th bike and by far the best (since changing the carb at least!). Tea? :thumbleft:
  18. Scott Goggles

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi All, Anyone any idea where I can get hold of a pair of:- Scott 89 X LS Goggles. I particularly like these because of the light sensitive lenses, but anything similar I guess would work just as well. Have tried Helmets 4U / M&P / Get Geared / Busters... Cheers Potski
  19. XR400 test ride.....WOW!

    Oh my god! There a bit of a pain to start, my legs are still knackered 3hrs later! But when started!!!! having second thoughts about using one as a commuter now! May have been the gearing, but that was rapid! and didn't appreciate just how high they are! fun fun fun:D but think i need to test...
  20. Got a bit of a dilema

    Well as you all know my fondness for choppin and changing bikes I now seem to find myself with 3, which is nice but I cant keep them all:rolleyes: If for anything wifey wont let me and Im stuffed for space in the garage. So I have had the Transalp up for sale , in various places and nothing...