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  1. Africa Twin
    Hi lads! I've started to notice a slight knocking on the right footpeg when in 4th gear. Maybe 2-4 knocks pr second. It's very weak or non-existant in lower gears. It goes away completely if I pull the clutch very lightly. Anyone knows what this might be? Cheers!
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi guys, quick question (again). Can I lean out my RD07A front cylinder somehow (moving needle depth, air screws...)? The spark plugs are pitch black and she hammers along at 120km/h. It sounds impressive pulling strongly through the gears but i'm sure it's not the best. Any info is really...
  3. Africa Twin
    The Africa twin motors were derived from the 500cc VT motors, as used in the Ascot VT500 and the Custom VT500C. Those bikes have a 6 speed transmission. HAs anyone checked if the transmission shafts and gears could be fitted into an AT casing?
  4. Transalp
    Is there a definitive way of adjusting the clutch? Since changing the cable I cannot get it set right for correct engagement of the gears. When I start the bike I let her warm up for a minute or two and then engage 1st to start off and nearly always feel as if the gears dont quite mesh right...
  5. XL
    Hi all, been a member here for a while but this is my first post. I have owned an lmf now for some time & have been in the process of rebuilding it (i bought it as a box of bits). I've been playing about with the engine this week & began investigations into why the electric starter wasn't...
  6. Dominator / FMX
    A shorts note that may save some head scratching. If you remove the casing covering the starter motor idler gears make sure you refit the gasket and don't just use silicon as a gasket instead. I did and after much wasted time when the starter motor struggled to turn the engine after refitting...
  7. Africa Twin
    I've had a PM from a forum member who by looking at old threads found out I had an old gearbox in bits. From memory, all gears were ok except for 3rd. He only wants the 2 cogs that make up 4th (22t and 28t). I doubt they are worth much but if they are worth summat I don't wanna give em away...
  8. Dominator / FMX
    hi all new to this i have a smc road quad with a 650 dominator engine was running and selecting gear then got stuck in 3RD its like theres no other gears on the quad and no clicking when trying to select other gears or no engageing any ideas ?
  9. Transalp
    Hi, just bought a 1994 transalp and I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the popping. It happens every time, on overrun, in all gears, when approaching 3000k revs, popping not very loud, more like a puffpuff/sighsigh popping What do I need to check first? Second? etc :) Thanks Eirik
  10. Transalp
    Hi folks, I am currently doing some research into buying a second hand Transalp and have a burning question. Is the XL700 5 speed, 6 speed or both? I have seen 2007 - 2010 versions advertised with 5 speed & 6 speed, even by Honda dealerships. Can someone please shed some light on this for...
  11. Africa Twin
    .............. That if the neutral lamp on the dash lights up between gears or when stood still - but only with the clutch lever pulled in that its the clutch switch under the lever............... Anyone stripped one to 'fix' it?.............. Cheeeeeers dudes.......... Bri
  12. Varadero
    Hello again all, thanks for your help in choosing the right bike but can anyone tell me if there is such a thing as a 2001 Varadero with 6 gears, there is one on ebay but i thought the 6 gears was 2004 onwards,sorry to be a pain but will buy the beers when i join a meet (as soon as I get me a Vara:)
  13. Varadero
    Does anyone have an opinion on wether the six gear or 5 gear model is best.looking to get one but noticed 2 different gear boxes,thanks
  14. Chatter
    BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Top Gear plan Belfast Italian job Now that should be fun :)
  15. Varadero
    Hi Guys ,great forum lots of answers to be had for those that are not experienced with V Twins i just got myself a 2002 varadero 1000 at the weekend and am wondering is the clunky gearchanges between 1st and 2nd normal do they all do that ? thanks in advance
  16. Africa Twin
    Thinking about delving into the gear box to look at 4th and this noise and wondered that as the 07 has taller gears that would aid cruising, would they fit? Also, can you access the gearbox/gears without a strip down? As an aside, my Conti escapes just arrived and they look quite good - soft...
  17. Transalp
    Hello i have a 94 TA 600. when i change down the gears i get a small (few) backfires from my carpi days this was always cool... I know this is bad and shouldn't happen.. from my knowledge this is unburnt fuel in the exhaust pipe getting lots of cold air and burning..... other than it not...
  18. Africa Twin
    Hello from Norway. I have a 2002 mod XRV and i experience the following problem. When gearing, downwards, espessialy between the 1 and 2 gear, it is almost impossible to change gear or find the neutral. Gearing upwards is ok, but by far not so smooth as my other XRV 650 with almost 100 000 kms...
  19. Varadero
    i cant put my bike into gear at all when cold it just clanks and cuts out.i have free wheel then cranch it into 2nd gear then it works fine for a few weeks but starts agin after that this is the 4th time now can any one help me its a 1999 1000varadero thanks.shauni
  20. Africa Twin
    Hi all :) Just swapped my standard Gear Change Lever for the Touratech 'Longer' replacement... Must say, the extra inch makes all the difference (Oh ahh Misses!!!), to the comfort for my Size 12 Booties... But here the problem, and I dont know if its me or not, but when I'm reving her high...
1-20 of 23 Results