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  1. Starter relay problem.

    The ‘93 600 TA I just bought has had a bit of a meltdown in the relay/regulator area, but been repaired and has run okay for quite a while. Apparently. When I bought it I pulled the panels, tank and seat off just to have a general inspection. I pulled a few wires out, checked connections and...
  2. Headstock Reassembly XRV750 RD04?

    Africa Twin
    Hi Fellow XRV enthusiasts. Most of you are probably on your bike today as glorious weather but hopefully someone around to ask:) Replaced Headstock bearings on my RD04 (AT) and failed to make sufficient notes for reassembly. If anyone has a reassembly diagram then grateful, if not then good...
  3. CT90 - General Info required

    Other Honda
    Hi, I've just won this ebay auction for a CT90 needing a bit of work. I'm after peoples thoughts on if they think it's a good deal, and anything I should check when I go to collect? It was a bit of a last minute impulse buy. Thanks in advance, Rob
  4. New Africa Twin build videos

    Africa Twin
    In a general search for motorcycle factory build videos found these for the CRF1000 AT, better than the Christmas edition of?? 2016 Honda Africa Twin CRF Production Line / Assembly Videos & Pictures - Go inside the Manufacturing Plant! | Honda-Pro Kevin
  5. Carrying a DSLR on a bike

    Am I worrying too much? DSLR and small prime lens in a tail bag strapped to the back seat? I'd love to combine my bestest things to do - bikes and photography - but too nervous to take the camera. Not in case I drop the bike or anything, just vibrations and general bouncing about on the back...
  6. Leftover part....what is it?!?

    I have a knack of acquiring spares. They end up left on the floor after I put things back together. :/ Anyway, last night I finally got round to changing the sprockets and chain on my 1981 XL185. Everything came off and went back on as I expected but when I was tidying up tools afterwards I...
  7. Wheel Size and Tyre Guide Confusion

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Hi there, This is my first post so 'hi there'. I'm fairly new to bikes in general and have an initial question on wheels and tyres. My current bike is a mix and match but is primarily a mid-80s xl125r. I'm planning to put the same sized wheels on front and back and have found tyres I like...
  8. Any Belgium locals?

    Africa Twin
    Any folks local to Belgium on here? I will be heading there on Monday for a job I have taken. Hoping to hook up with some folks while I am there the next few years. Will be on he hunt for a nice RD04 I think as I have an RD03 here in the states. Let me know if anyone in the general area. Thanks
  9. 600 Touring Screens

    Hi, I know this topic has been done to death but i'm after a touring screen for my 600 transalp. I'm around 5'10 with average proportions. I've done a lot of reading and the MRA screens seem to come out well, but i'm not sure if the general reviews i've read are for the touring or touring...
  10. Heavy Duties centre stand?

    I've bought their centre stand for the TA700 but it came with no instructions and a quick search here revealed no hints about the general fitting method. So... Do I need to take anything off the bike? A quick look seems to show the side stand in the way. Do I grease the hinge pin during...
  11. Is the Go Pro thing any good????

    Hi all, I am thinking of grabbing a Go Pro for movie making, has anyone got a Go Pro and is it any goos for bikes? Ive read so many great an then bad reviews I am so confused!!!! If anyone has links to their footage or just a general review I'd be grateful :D Cheers all !
  12. Wanted: WANTED - Transalp/AT spark plug tool

    For Sale / Wanted
    Recently replaced youngest sons squashed TDM900 with a 650 Deauville, which is minus it's tool kit. The general stuff - spanners, screwdrivers etc, can and have been cobbled together into an ad-hoc tool kit, but the all important Honda spark plug spanner is most defo required - only managed to...
  13. Rear shock life

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks My RDO7A has just passed the 30k mark and I'm wondering how long the rear shocks normally last on these bikes before they need replacing . I know it will depend on the different variables , weight , riding conditions etc. but just a general idea would be good. Thanks...
  14. lean mixture question

    Africa Twin
    so having a read thru a few exhaust threads and carb threads it seems to me that the general consensus is that if you fit an aftermarket can then it seems that it makes them run lean, i pulled a couple of plugs out this evening to do the valve clearances and they are more white than light grey...
  15. For Sale: RD04 exhaust shield.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Moving house and found this – been kickin around in the shed a while. Think its for RD04 anyway I never bothered to fit it to my RD07a  for some reason (prob general laziness) So Thought id post it here first or will ebay it at some point in the future. £Dunno? Fiver? Offers? +£2.80 p&p PM...
  16. Swing Arm Restoration

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone recommend somewhere for swing arm restoration? It's got some scuffs, scratches, and needs general tidying.
  17. Running in after new rings.

    Africa Twin
    What is the general perceived wisdom on running in after fitting new rings. Standard rings no re-bore, barrels not honed but lightly abraded with wet and dry. Some seem to advocate the bimble along at low revs for 500miles others to allow the engine to rev a little higher for short periods...
  18. Well, I've gone and done. I've bought a SCOOTER !

    Impending senile decay and general decrepitude have finally brought it home to me, I've gone and bought a scooter. Before the before the brickbats start flying let me explain. It is evident that I won't be able to throw a leg over the Transalp for very much longer, if at all. So... I have...
  19. intimators or prog springs

    Africa Twin
    whats the general consensus on progressive springs? or would i be better to fit intimators? fitting a new wilbers rear shock soon so want to do something with the front as well
  20. Good day to you all, I am Crazy L, from Portsmouth

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all I'm new to this off road riding lark as I have been riding road bikes all my 20 years of riding, but have just bought a snotter of an XR400 to use for a bit of green laning/ general shenanigans. Just gotta get it road legal now as it was the enduro version thus had a, what looks to me...