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  1. TKC80. Generic tyre pressure?

    Mechanical Advice
    Just popped a new one on the front of the NX4 trail bike and it is more twitchy than I anticpated from past experience. What are the thoughts on tyre pressures for the TKC80 generally, Up/Down/Standard?? Std pressure is 22psi for a more road type tyre.
  2. Generic Engine Question

    If you were to have an engine that once it was running and the oil was hot the oil pressure was low and fluctuating, what would it indicate a problem with? This is hypothetical question!
  3. Sounds like a scam to me.

    Got this message this morning in response to an ad I have selling my @ My "quick response" was polite: I have nibbled on the bait... I'm waiting now for poor "John Lewis" to figure out what product he was "bidding" on, and offer me a deal that is too good to be true. I'm thinking its a...
  4. British Bike Show......

    Well went up to the NEC at Birmingham yesterday and had a pretty good time. First time I've been in a fair few years. The KTM's were awesome as were the new BMW's. Honda's Transalp looks a good bike this year to. The one thing I did acquire though was this years Touratech catalogue. Just...
  5. Scottoiler Installation

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone here provide me with an idiots guide to installing one of the above on an @ - Have been to the website and downloaded some generic instructions but hoping for something more specific Thanks James
  6. Help.....Pannier racks

    Are there any generic sorts of pannier racks...........I've decided I need panniers after struggling at the National... I wouldn't use them often.....Would those Givi PL Tubular things be the ones for my bike? I'd like to fit some pannier racks and then look at my leisure on ebay or here for...
  7. Money saving tip!! Screen/fairing threaded inserts

    Africa Twin
    These parts: Are available much cheaper than over the Honda parts counter. I only found this out after paying Honda £££ for the 'genuine' :rolleyes: part. The Honda part is made by the same company as the ones my Dad grabbed out the back of his van and pays pennies for. The generic ones...
  8. Indicator Flasher Relay + LED

    Africa Twin
    Humph. I replaced all my warning lights on the dash with LED's today. (Get one of these little packs, very useful! All the colours you need and enough of them Anyway. They all work, very well too, excpet that the indicator...
  9. Conti Escapes

    Just recently replaced both tyres, the rear was just a little too square for my liking :p Decided to go for Conti escapes, 130 on the rear instead of 120. All I can say is, I'm amazed! They're fantastic tyres, especially in the wet - far better than the stock Trail-mings. The bike's so nimble...
  10. luggage rack ideas?

    Dominator / FMX
    I want to buy secure, but detachable luggage for my dommy. When I say secure, I mean something I need to remove with a key, not a quick shuffle. I found this as the only generic option. I want to go camping, and want a top and two side boxes...
  11. Maths Test

    For the unaware, there is a slight difference between private schools and comprehensives in Britain. The Department of Education has realised this and has revised the secondary Maths Exam papers accordingly. Attached are the most recent maths exam papers for your reference. MATHS TEST FOR...
  12. starter motor removal on a 650

    Hey Folks, I haven't had time to post in here in a long time, and now that i am it's to look for help! :rolleyes: The starter motor on my '01 650 is developing problems and i want to take it out to clean the motor and the brushes. A couple of questions for you experts.. The haynes manual...
  13. Technical Help Required

    Right time for the begging bowl again! I need some additional help with the site. So doing a trawl again to see if there's anyone willing to help out on a regular basis. The benefits are that you'll have the undying love of this sites community, and have the satisfaction in knowing that you've...
  14. Top box

    Africa Twin
    went to go and buy a second hand top box today, but when I tried the rack on top of my rack, I couldn't get it to fit unless it overlapped the seat. none of the holes would match up. it was a generic box. is this normal?? do I have to buy a paticular brand of topbox
  15. Viagra

    In pharmacology, all drugs have a generic name, Tylenol is Acetaminophen, Advil is Ibuprofen, and so on... The FDA has been looking for a generic name for Viagra, and announced today that they have settled on Mycoxafailin. :oops:
  16. Auxilliary lighting

    Ok Vara 1000 chaps...for those who have, where have you mounted your auxilliary lights? I've bought a set of spots and just spent a considerable amount of time "offering them up" in various locations and nowhere really seems right. I had some slight fantasy idea that the generic bracket they...
  17. New Pharmacological products

    In Pharmacology, all drugs have two names, a trade name and generic name. For example, the trade name of Tylenol also has a generic name of Acetaminophen. Aleve is also called Naproxen. Amoxil is also called Amoxicillin and Advil is also called Ibuprofen. NICE (National Institute for...
  18. I have a knife and I know how to use it..actually I dont!!

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys (generic term) I have a suspicion this has been discussed here before but can someone please tell me which wire of the three, coming out of the ignition, to cut so I can wire in the live feed of my heated grips to the ignition. phoenix oh yes book the ferry and get over here for our wee...