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  1. Delkevic Exhaust

    Product Reviews
    Hi all Ive recently posted asking for advice on a XL650V exhaust and a very kind gent has suggested a Delkevic exhaust. Does anyone else have this brand of exhaust? If so can I ask your thoughts please? Kind regards Steve
  2. Transalp shock query.

    Thinking of bidding for a Wilbers shock on the bay. package is in german. Could some learned gent tell me what fahrergewicht 76kg translates to and what does this rating relate to.
  3. Ian Coates. A true gent!

    Africa Twin
    Just got home from the NEC bike show. The highlight was meeting Ian Coates and his 300,000 mile Africa Twin. Lovely chap.
  4. new MOT's

    Had the Varadero mot'd the other week and was talking to the tester apparently there is a new mot to come in. They want it in for 2016, as they want to bring in a European MOT (may not effect us we may not be in the EU then if Cameron has anything to do with it). Tester told me it would be more...
  5. Thanks to a gent, it's fitted

    Africa Twin
    Many thanks indeed to fw750x who kindly posted this heat shield to me to finish off my (inocrect for model year) silencer. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Top bloke! (Pity is that this berk managed to make a pig's ear of drilling out a previously snapped off bolt thread, so the shiled's only held...
  6. City gent on the RDo4?

    Africa Twin
  7. City gent on the RDo4?

    So who was the fellow in the business suit who passed me on the A40 this morning just going into the city ? Not your usual At owner for sure , Like Mr Ben had stolen a motorbike !