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  1. Wanted: XRV750 Rd04 airbox rubber. These are no longer available.

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am sorting out a '90 model. Has anyone found a suitable replacement rubber? Thanks Geoff :thumbup:
  2. oih Geoff Francis , remember germany 2010

    At long last :toothy4:
  3. Mivv Exhausts on 2001 Varadero 1000?

    Hi, has anyone tried to fit any exhausts from the current model onto the original shape XL1000? I like the sound and shape of the 2003+ Mivv exhausts but due to my basic understanding of any changes I could do with dome XRV visitors expertise. regards Geoff
  4. You'll never guess who

    I'm meeting tomorrow ---- Mr Francis Geoff esq :thumbup::thumbup: He's just gone and bought a ticket for the Loopallu music festival in Ullapool and he is on site as we speak :blob8: I am heading through tomorrow, suffice to say, I won't get him in the horrible state you lot got him...
  5. Oih Francis Geoff,how is your Vara....

    doing? Just thought i ask how you get on with it?? You had it now fo a while and i have not heard anything from you about her:confused::confused:
  6. Francis Geoff rescued off mountain

    Yeah, a bit dramatic I know ! I had arranged to meet Geoff next weekend as he was hillwalking around Inchnadamph and Kyleskue, so I was a bit surprised when he phoned yesterday. We arranged to meet at a local pub and he told me the story. He was walking the hill when he got into...