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  1. Hi everybody

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Yet another bike forum on my list, well I have gone and done it, I have been mulling over it for a while should I shouldn't I get a dommie, so here I am looking and watching what all you guys are getting up to with your spanners, hammers, and welders etc etc, so as far as my own dommie is...
  2. Cam chain guide Replacement issue

    Hello from Greece,Im rebuilding my XL600LM (1985-PD04) and i need the GUIDE, CAM CHAIN Part number:14620MK4620 which replaces (14620MG3003, 14620MK4600, 14620MK4601 that older XRs have). The problem is that this part, is no longer available!!!Has anyone tried the NX650 ? i.e.(14620MN9870 Guide...
  3. Georgie Boy RIP

    Or as my daughter's friend said last night "George Michael, guess that's the Last Christmas then...." As an off the cuff remark, a bloody good 'un.
  4. TT Ferry Ticket & Camping Package

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Due to a change of mind (been there/done it) I have a ferry place booked going out Heysham - Douglas 05/06 @ 14.15 returning Douglas - Heysham 11/06 @ 08.45 for one motorcycle & 1 person (no problem to add extra person) and camping for a 3 man tent with 1 person (no problem to add extra person)...
  5. Infinity Motorcycles - Oxford

    Alex George, the motorcycle clothing and accessory shop next to the H Cafe at Dorchester-on-Thames suddenly went bust about three weeks ago. It went overnight and not even the staff knew it went out of business! Well as of yesterday, Infinity Motorcycles have bought the shop and re-opened it...
  6. Is this your bike?

    Africa Twin
    Spotted a R/W/B RD07A at PD Performance (or is it DP?) next to Alex George at Dorchester-on-Thames yesterday. Its fitted with a headlight stone guard and a new looking Arrow Paris-Dakar exhaust. Is this your bike???
  7. Hither & thither in the Highlands

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Little run out on the @ today, seeing as how the rain has, in the main, been blown away. Headed west towards Inverness, with the idea of stealing a coffee and some biscuits from Schloss Lowflyer. A secluded glen provided some nice views . . . Rapped on Lowflyers front door, with no reply...
  8. My 650 Transalp.

    Had my first decent ride today 220 miles around north wales on my new 650 Transalp ( Thanks to 4star ( George) on this forum for giving me the heads up on the bike ) 2006,5,000 miles,scottoiler,Givi panniers and monokey topbox,Tall honda screen,fender extender,Datatool system 4 alarm,centre...
  9. George White

    A sign of the times? ... I read somewhere that GW opened a new shop only last week.My thoughts go out to all the staff affected. :(
  10. vigor wheel

    Dominator / FMX
    hi im fitting a vigor wheel to my domie SMish. they run a bigget disk i think, is there anyware i can get an adaptor to spce out the caliper or am i gonna have to bodge one up, cheers george
  11. Happy St George's Day

    Well it seems no-one else was going to say it! Nothing wrong with a little appropriate patriotism. Enjoy!
  12. george whites swindon

    Africa Twin
    hi just wondering if anyone is going to the open day at george whites in swindon on sunday 10th august ?:blob5:
  13. Happy St. George's Day

    Doggy (English & proud of it!)
  14. Happy St George's Day!

    Happy St George's Day to all.:blob: The day that no one dare speak of.:( Is there a parade through the dtreets of London? - No.:confused: Is there a promotional night down the pub sponsored by Bombardier bitter? Not even a flag. Be lucky if it gets a mention on the news. Oh well, greetings...
  15. george and mildred

    Hi everyone does anyone known where i can get a picture of G & M WITH the motorbike and sidecar in the picture . It,s a wind up for a workmate. fw750x