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  1. Other Honda
    The GF want some heated grips for he XBR500, been told not to buy the Oxford ones as they have issues, so which are the ones to get? Cheers
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    Well, with no coersion from myself, my GF has decided to take her CBT and wants something to practice on before the DAS....result! So, anyone got a cheap (ie sub £500), reliable 125 that they'd like to see go to a good home and help someone on their way to a new biking career?! Needs to be...
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    My girlfriend's sister is coming to visit next March 10th and shes bringing a friend with her.Although we have a single spare room we thought we'd be pushed for i 'jokingly' suggested i could jump on the bike for a week or two and go off on another trip.....The gf said "what a great...
  4. Africa Twin
    I just made up some LED strips for the GF's pushbike as she rides to/from work a few times a week and I'd feel better if she was more visible. Now I'm thinking about making up some custom strips for the @. Anyone know the legal limits to extra lighting?
  5. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Saturday just gone, the weather was good, the rest of the family were out so I had the afternoon to myself:) So decided to go exploring some green lanes in the area on the Transalp. I intend organising a XRV rideout sometime in the future so thought this could be a reccy into planning what...
  6. Dominator / FMX
    Can anyone tell me the standard number of teeth on front and rear sprockets for a 1998 SLR650, please? My GF's new acquisition has been geared down with a Renthal sprocket, which is fine on the country lanes but no so hot on the main road:tongue1: Regards Richard
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    I know what you're saying. HERETIC!! Burn him, burn him!!!!!!!:blob6: In my defense, I can only say that I don't love all Volvo's, just the F reg 340 that saved the girlfriend's life last night. We live on a country road and last night, on her way home from work, some prat took a racing line...
  8. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi all, Any one in the wider midlands area (Mag / Geo / DaveS..dont know where anyone else dont be offended and when i said wider i do mean wider) up for a ride tomorrow Dec 24th) street only but i'll likely be two up so it will be a slower one. Dont care where? It would be a good...
  9. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hello.. there is a small place in North of Spain, just about 600kms from where I live, called Picos de Europa.. A big mountain with excellent views and great roads to ride on your bike... Here's some pics.. Well worth the ride..
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    Repeatingf myself here, but anyone in S>Wales want to meet up this afternoon?? Posted this in 'rideout' section as well, just in case. Will check back at 11(ish)
  11. Africa Twin
    Bollocks. Went to take my GF down to her work yesterday and the bastard was dead. Not a peep out of it. No idiot lights, nothing. After much swearing it briefly kicked in and started ok with lights, idiot lights etc, then died again. A tenner says it's the ignition switch failed after being...
  12. Dominator / FMX
    Hi everybody Just incredible that a forum dedicated to Dominator exists in the web :shock: I own one ot those very good machines so called Honda Dominator, mine is from 1991, Japan made, and im really happy with it. No latest technology, no latest image, but reliability good quality of...
1-12 of 12 Results