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  1. Happy Christmas :o) (Quick Travel Quiz ;O) )

    Happy Christmas Boyz & Girlies... :) Moi, just back from my annual, 'Get the Hell Out Of Here' Christmas Break Away.... :) Anyways, hope you all had a good one... :) What have I missed...? (To many unread threads posted in my absence and can't be ar5ed to read them all, someone give me a...
  2. best @ pic

    Africa Twin
    Now I know I'm likely to get a slap from Mabel, Jenna and any of the other girlies on here but this is a nice piccie
  3. fri the 30th june

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    anybody fancy chelseabridge and a ride out ????????? ive been given leave cos she's got the girlies coming round to talk whatever women talk :? :shock: :D :D :D i nominate MAC P as the team leader cum tourguide how about it lads :D :D
  4. The test

    This was posted on the GS forum, thought you lot may approve, I did cause they got a section for us girlies to. My results were Tough guy You scored 80% masculine, 88% athletic, 45% exotic, and 37% refined! You love men, you love testosterone and you know it. You like a bad-ass man who knows...
  5. I'm almost afraid to ask!!!!!!!!!

    Right then lads (and lasses although there seems to be a lack on the lasses ) I am a curious girlie so wondered: how many of your wifeys/partners/girlies ride motorbikes or would consider learning. What bikes do they ride, what inspired them to learn - we've all seen McVicars wifes mean...
  6. why do bikes stall when people are looking at you

    Maybe this is just me but from strokers years ago until my modern bikes whenever there is a gang of girlies(as a rule) or just people looking at your bike at a junction etc the bu==er stalls then refuses to start on the button must. cor if I was cool Id be worried.