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    Hi people going to get the wheels on my gs powder coated gloss black what i need to know is do i need to take any rubber seals or bearings out so the wheel is completly stripped down.......THANKS KEVSKY
  2. Paint Advice - Any one in here ?

    I have small project where I need to spray some metal sheets, I am going to use Aersol Cans but stuck on the choice of paint type to go for. Here is the list to choose from: * Cellulose * Synthetic Enamel * Basecoat * Metallic and Pearlescent I going for Gloss finish for good...
  3. refurbed transalp wheels

    heres some transalp wheels ive just done ,,,,,, new hd s/s spokes , 9g fronts , and 8g rears original rims , powder coated gloss black ,,,,, hubs , left as original ,,,,,,,,,,, spokes , £60 per wheel , strip 2 wheels , coat rims , rebuild , £99.00 so thats a total of £220 Welcome - sfx wheels
  4. Swap: Mint condition - Caberg Trip helmet in gloss black - Size M (57 -58)

    XRV Swap Shop
    Hello all, Up for a swap? I have a mint Caberg Trip in gloss black size M (57-58) with bag. It was a prezzie thats a bit large for me and the shop where it was bought has closed since. Worn a few times, but cannot hide the fact that me heads a bit small! Will swap for like in size S (55-56)...
  5. Alan moped

    another classic ebay sale ALAN the MOPED | eBay UK 'ALAN' - one of only 30 million ever made - It is widely believed (by me) that this unassuming little moped was the original training bike of the 'Ghost Rider' (please see photo 1 for documented proof) Looking resplendant in non-original...
  6. Air Filter cover. Graying with the warning label worn off. What to do?

    Africa Twin
    Well lads. One of the only things that I didn't like about my bike when I got it a few weeks ago was the plastic air filter cover. It had been sun damaged and the gold warning label that Honda fit from the factory had part worn off and it just didn't look good anymore so I put my thinking hat...
  7. Cheap and quick repair.

    Dominator / FMX
    The fairing on my newly acquired Domi was cracked due to an altercation the previous owner had with a garage wall. I wanted to tidy it up without spending a lot of money on matching paint and stuff so I decided to do a repair and paint it to match the existing black logos that are on the tank...
  8. AT off the road for a bit - subframe TLC????

    Africa Twin
    Like many At's my subframe is a bit rough. Solid but rough. Got to come off the road for a bit (finances) so had a look. After some thought, I got the drill and wire bruch out and cleaned up a small section, wiped it down and then painted with plain white gloss. Good old fashioned gloss for...
  9. dominator supermoto makeover

    Dominator / FMX
    Well I have had my dommie for about 2 years now and I have used this forum to gain a great amount of info about the dommie so I thought I would show you my dominator so far...... This is how it looked when I bought it: Well after a while of riding it I soon grew tired of the awful 90's pink...
  10. For Sale: Armstrong/CCM 500 Rotax enduro For Sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD SOLD SOLD Well its time to say goodbye to my project bike, Ive done all the hard work and was building this bike up as its converted from an Armstrong CMX 500 circa 1985. Loads of work done from powder coated frame ( gloss black) refurbished wheels/ tyres ( readonised gold akront rims)...
  11. "New" engine

    Africa Twin
    Thought you may like to see a couple of photos of the "new" engine I've just had built. Originally from a 2001 Africa Twin, it suffered a crankshaft failure just out of warranty and as Honda wouldn't pay to fix it, it then sat around for a few years gathering dust and corrosion until I picked...
  12. Hi from Zim

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi to you all, new to the forum and like to introduce myself; South African by birth but living/working in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe for now (yeah yeah groan as much as you like it is still the best country to live in...) Bought my XL650V TA brand new in 2005, had a run in with a cow at 140km/h late...
  13. Painting of swing arm

    Hi, i've finnished that paint job on my swing arm (the rear frame). I couldnt't get it off so had to paint it "in situ". Thats why I went for it with CRC engine cleaner, clean water and then some isopropanol (window wash). "Rust eater" - worked very well on the rusty spots (claned up by steel...
  14. Woohoo! My plastics look like new again :)

    Africa Twin
    Not sure if this has been discussed already, but I got some plastic penetrating vinyl dye delivered this morning, and have just finished spraying the faded black plastic parts of my bike (chain guard, mudguard etc). The results so far have blown me away. They went from old, tatty looking...
  15. Anyone sprayed there vara?

    Anyone? planning on mine in gloss black? Fancied nato green but decided it would look like a giant snot:laughing6: If you have piccy please curious to see what it looks like and I will cop for a bag of chips if we ever meet up!:occasion5:
  16. air horns!

    ok now i know you lot arnt exactly the go faster bonnet up tyre kicker type ( ok so a few are, but we will gloss over that bit :) ) need to fit some air horns on the range rover (Matilda :p ) so when shes out playing in the sand we dont run over too many bikers ( ok so they may still get run...
  17. Powdercoating Zega boxes

    Mechanical Advice
    Is powdercoating the Zega boxes a good idea :?: I'd like to have them powdercoated black (undecided whether matt or gloss) but am unsure of any ramifications....... Would having them black make the insides heat up too much in our 'post global warming' European summers..... :?: Has anyone...
  18. Dominator missing

    Dominator / FMX
    My apologies for the first post but have been reading this forum with interest for a while.. After doing a full rebuild of my 89 dominator and expecting to take it for an MOT this morning. I found it missing so would appreciate a lookout. It was stolen from central Bournemouth from behind...
  19. Huggers?!

    Pleeease tell me THEY'RE not kiddin'?! If they're not who makes them and where do you get them (other than E-bay) 'cause I want one!!!!!! 8)
  20. Quality Issues

    Hi all Thought I would test the water with this and see if anyone else had similar experiences. I have just e-mailed Mr Honda. Having bought an 06 TA and had it delivered I went to inspect the bike. Noticed a slight flaw in the seat, a wrinkle which will not come out and a cut just on a...