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  1. Welsh Invasion - Travel

    Welsh Invasion
    Thought I would ask if any of you are heading past my way to the Welsh Invasion? I will be leaving on the Friday morning. Not sure what way to go. I could go the quick way A34 - M4 etc or I could go the Witney - Burford - Gloucester - Monmouth - Brecon etc route. This would be a lot more scenic...
  2. eBay: Tatty Africa @ Bransons Gloucester

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    as the title says 2001 66K miles link HONDA XRV750 AFRICA TWIN NEEDS ATTENTION NO RESERVE | eBay have not seen it ANOTHER AFRICA- RD04 in Gloucestershire 1993 52K miles
  3. just got this

    Africa Twin
    got this on sat rode home to gloucester from halifax freezing cold but with a big grin on my face :D :thumbright:
  4. New Varadero/AT member in Gloucester

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi everyone, new member from Gloucester. I've got a 99 Varadero with lots of AT bits and other goodies and I'm looking to get my TKC80's off the tarmac where they belong. I did the BMW offroad Skills course few weeks ago. 2 days bumping around the Brecons on someone else's 1200GS was the best...
  5. Hello from Gloucester

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Just got myself a 2004 XR400 and thought i would say hello loving the bike so far just need to find some green lanes to ride so if anybody could point me in the direction of any in the Gloucester area i would be very grateful
  6. Good mechi near Gloucester?

    Africa Twin
  7. Good mechi near Gloucester?

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Anybody know a dependable bike mechie/garage in the Gloucester area? I need an MOT and wee bit of work done.
  8. Hello from rich -Gloucester

    Picking up my no miles pre reg next couple of days. 3 years ago nearly wiped out when a deer kindly threw its stupid self under my front tyre whilst heading down into Monmouth. I was on an 02 V. then. I first thought, that was the bike that nearly killed me, but then revised to ,the bike that...