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  1. Have Fun in Winter Riding in Comfort with Heated Gear from Best Brands on the Market

    You may want to extend your riding season into winter months, but cold weather threatens to cut your trip short when you feel your toes and fingers freezing. Lack of blood circulation in your extremities makes your feet and hands numb, which increases your reaction time making winter riding...
  2. Be Safer on the Trail with New O’Neal Element Boots and Save 20% on a Purchase!

    O’Neal Element Boots are some of the most popular among off-roading enthusiasts. And there are a few good reasons for that. First – they feature premium design, high-quality materials, and have a durable construction without breaking your bank. Second – they offer good protection to your feet in...
  3. Closeout Sale! Get 22% Off on All O’Neal Apparel and Gear Until December 31!

    Starting in the 1960s, motocross sport was developing fast, just like O’Neal company founded by former rider Jim O’Neal. He became a pioneer and innovator in riding gear and apparel, and today, the company’s specialists continue implementing smart engineering solutions to make their products...
  4. shoei neotec & bmw system 7 carbon users, a word please.

    after 20 years of wearing flip up helmets, up to a certain (low) price. yeah i know...finally in a position to get the helmet that ticks most of my boxes, limit. so, i had a list of the lids that i fancy. twas a big list, until i went to local Schuberth etc shop. 1 min away...
  5. How to Fiberglass Repair

    Africa Twin
    Hey guys, just sharing some work that i have been doing lately on the bike, in order to have my plastics back together, hoping that someone will find this post helpfull enough so that they can do the same, if having the same problem- i believe it is a common issue for the Africa Twin owners that...
  6. For Sale: Spada Enforcer Gloves

    For Sale / Wanted
    Evening All, I've got a pair of size medium fluorescent Spada Enforcer's I got from eBay that don't fit me, good lightly used condition. I'd like what they cost me £18 posted or swap for another pair of gloves. Cheers Jon
  7. all season riders: How do you prepare your bike for the cold months?

    A question for the all-seaons-riders: How do you prepare your bike for the cold months? I admit, that I don´love ice and snow riding. Usually I try not to be out on the bike when the conditions are really bad, but nonetheless I spent a lot of time on my motorcycle at low temperatures because...
  8. Une nouvelle règle Française pour les motocyclistes ... !

    Annonce de service public: Looks like All riders of a motorcycle, scooter, trike or quad in France will have to wear motorcycle gloves from 20th November 2016 onwards. And passengers will have to wear gloves as well. So don't get caught out if you've any trips planned through France, or else...
  9. Charging system upgrade?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all, I was out on the Dommie today with my Keis heated kit on - waistcoat, inner gloves and boot insoles. Toasty, if a bit of a faff to get dressed in all the kit. I don't bother for a short trip but I was out for a good few hours today. I recall reading that the Dommie's charging system...
  10. Canaries, Recommendations?

    I am taking SWMBO for a spot of guaranteed Winter sun at the end of January and while I would like to go back to Madeira, Janice says she wants to go somewher different. As I have a 4hr max flight time, this limits the options a bit, so hence the Canaries... I want to hire a bike while we...
  11. Heated grips Vs Winter gloves - Whats best ?

    Hi all, Been out today on my Alp around the hills - bloody cold!! But great fun :D Bike is a tad mucky. Ive spend the last 2 hours researching the best (warmest) winter gloves, eventually ended up about the buy Held Freezer 2 about £90. (ruddy hell). My missus just suggested heated grips (why...
  12. JMT Heated Grips

    Product Reviews
    JMT Heated Grips Initially I am very happy with these grips, I've not used them through the full winter yet so I will update this review if I have any problems with them. I don't think I will as they seem quite goot quality and even on setting 1 of 5 are nice and warm. I am still using summer...
  13. BAR MUFFS to fit XL 700. Help required PLEASE.

    I have a 2009 XL700 Transalp which I absolutely love. I do about 15k miles a year, in all kinds of weather (inc snow). All year round. The weather here in England can get Very cold. It's got the original plastic hand guards fitted and I've got the Honda heated grips. I want to also fit 'Bar...
  14. Messed up the speedo needle

    Hey Guys, Been fiddling with the speedometer, as the old owner made some interesting changes, things happened, and I overturned the needle, to where the spring snapped. 1) Am I right in thinking, that if I twist it back around clockwise and glue it back to the snapped bit, it should work and...
  15. Silk inner gloves

    Do silk inner gloves help keep your hands warm at all? If so which ones do you guys use?
  16. Winter gloves?

    I have a budget of around £100 for some winter gloves, what can anybody recccomend. I need them by 8.00am tomorrow. If that is not manageable I'll have to wait. but I do need some.
  17. Clothing Store - Birmingham

    Any recommendations for motorcycle clothing shops in and around Birmingham/Wolverhampton area? Looking for somewhere to browse and try on gloves, boots, etc. Googling throws up J&S in Deritend, and Bikers World in Coleshill. Anyone used either store? Any good? Iain
  18. AStars 'Vega' sizing?

    Bought an XL pair of these gloves today, I'm usually a 'Large', but read a couple of reviews that said 'go a size up...' I tried the Large in the shop, seemed a bit tight, but now I've worn the XL's for an hour or two they feel a bit 'roomy'? The geezer said any problems, return them and...
  19. Stupid question

    I went for a ride last night and I have one of those LED batterey charge lights fitted , anyway ,as I was riding along I noticed the light was permanently on red which means the batterey is being charged , normally it's on green unless there's a draw on the batterey . I stopped the bike in a...
  20. For Sale: Alpinestars gore tex gloves - size med/9

    For Sale / Wanted
    Afternoon. Alpinestars jet road gore tex gloves for sale, size med/9 but on the generous side. Totally waterproof and warm lined gloves with carbon knuckles. As you can see one of the logos has faded but it doesn't affect the use of the gloves and they're in very good cond. £30 posted. Cheers .