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  1. removing heated grips

    I want to change the handlebars on my xl700 as the bend on the standard bars does not suit me. the throttle side is easy as it comes of with the tube.the clutch side has to come off to remove the clutch perch. it is very well glued !! any tips on removal without destroying it ? not sure if...
  2. For Sale: Africa Twin alu radiator grills + brackets for secondary cooling fan

    For Sale / Wanted
    The parts will fit RD03. RD04 and RD07/a radiators. Protect your radiator with these lightweight anodized aluminum grills. You can transfer the rubber flaps from your old grills. Basic kit (without side baffles that keep air from escaping thru the sides). $60.00cad + shipping Kit with...
  3. Best glue for grips

    Africa Twin
    I managed to break the glue seal on my heated grips and need to reglue the throttle grip. Will super glue do? Is it strong enough these days? i remember when coming within 10 yards of a tube and your fingers were glued together but that was thirty years ago. If not what is the best glue I can...
  4. Ring Compact Airhorn Fitted

    The wiring all goes back to a relay under the seat, and now all it needs is a rubber boot to fit over the exposed connection, which to be honest I thought should be included with the horn. £29.95 from Halfords including the relay but not the in-line fuse. The sound is AWESOME !!! I can't wait...
  5. Rubber between resonator and air chamber RD04

    Africa Twin
    Number 11 in the picture Mine is damaged and can't be clamped quite as it should. Someone glued it but not very good so it is deformed somewhat. Looked everywhere I know but it is a discontinued part. Any ideas maybe where to get one?
  6. The best seat cleaner

    Sometime during the day I had acquired a nice lump of chewing gum stuck to the right buttock of my jeans , anyhoo some got well and truly glued on the seat of the Vara , I was going to use white spirit to get it off then remembered WD 40 is quite good at that sort of thing. Well! The stuf is...
  7. Bottelin Dumoulin 4200 Top Box 42 Litre from Africa Twin

    What's it worth?
    It's here on flea bay with some pics Africa Twin Motorbike Top Box 42 Litre - Not GIVI - Bottelin in Dumoulin 4200 | eBay It's from my RD04 AT, base platehas small crack that was glued and I don't have the bolts that were used to mount it, was bolted straight to the luggage rack. One key with...
  8. Got the handlebars - but not quite as straight forward as I hoped...

    Got my shiney new Renthal handlebrs - and thought just swap the bits over... But its seems that the left grip may be glued on - and not possible to remove it without destroying it... So I'm guessing I'm going to have to order new grips - any recommendations..? Also got some multi stage risers...
  9. carbs glued to rubbers

    Africa Twin
    ok i,ve just released and lubed up all cables,choke,throttle and cleaned choke plungers and then i thought sod it while i,m checking valves balancing carbs i,ll give the carbs a overhaul i,ve released all screws around rubbers and they won,t budge,i take it thats because they,ve never been...