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  1. Happy Birthday Gordon029

    New member New AT? Happy Birthday
  2. Charley Boorman.

    Watched Charleys new adventure programme set in Canada last night with my 9 year old grandson who its absolutely crazed on bikes hes watched all the Boorman Magregor escapades. I think Charley might be taking a leaf out of Gordon Ramsays book there seemed to be an awful lot of the F*** word used...
  3. Eyeball Stewart @ Gordon Farleys Guildford

    Africa Twin
    Eyeball Stewart @ Gordon Farleys Guildford. Just got another ticket to ride for a year, god bless Gordon Farleys! Had a puncture last weekend and they fixed it and put the tyre on properley for me. No more nasties from the rear wheel. Si...
  4. mYsTiC xRv -- Will Gordon get his a$$ kicked???

    Is Gordon Brown gonna be eating a No10 steak or a left over Egg McMuffin for breakfast???? Cast your XRV poll now! PLEASE VOTE ABOVE, SO WE CAN CHECK THE ACCURACY OF THE XRV POLL IN THE MORNING
  5. Gordon's Mods: Anyone done 'em?

    I will be riding my 1997 XR 400 from London to Tallinn via a few ferries later this month. Once back herer I am going to make up for all the time I have not been riding two wheel but three. I also hope to tweak my XR in a fairly harmless way. Hence my interest in the "Gordon's Mods". I read...
  6. Gordon's Mods - Improve your XR 250 or 400

    As the mods that Gordon did get referred to almost constantly for an XR I've copied them here for posterity and stickied them. The source was the XR400 Yahoo group. So let's use this thread for...