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  1. Cheddar Gorge, Mendips routes accomodation

    A few of us are taking a long weekend taking in the Cheddar Gorge & Mendips, any suggested tramac routes & recommended places to stay in the area where we can pop out for a bit of night life & a few shandys? Cheers, Phil
  2. Dakar trips with Mick Extance

    Got a spare £2,000? Then Dakar rider Mick Extance is to lead two eight-day and two ten-day Morocco trips of a lifetime with his Honda Off-Road Experience. It will take in the Atlas mountain range, lush river valleys, sandy coasts and wide expanses of desert. Each adventure trip begins in...
  3. Barnstaple

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Today we took a ride down to Barnstaple to visit Barftones Ma and Pa. Great route on the way down with a mix of main roads and back roads. We went through Cheddar Gorge, across the Somerset levels and then a quick coffee in Riders at Bridgewater. From there we went over the Quantocks and Exmoor...
  4. Exmoor tarmac ride out sat 2nd April

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Having a rideout with Bob, Steve and Leigh from Bath/Bristol on Saturday to Barnstaple. This will be a tarmac run taking in Cheddar Gorge/Somerset Levels/Riders in Bridgewater for a coffee/Quantocks/Dunkery Beacon/Porlock/Lynton/Valley of the Rocks/Barnstaple/tea and tiffin at Ma Steels/home a...
  5. Spain and Morocco 2010

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Sorry this is a rather belated report but my old computer just couldn't cope with photo's. Anyway........ I was on my Vara and Mrs Austin on her TA700. The basic route was Plymouth - Santander - mid Spain - South Spain - Morocco (and back) and spend nearly all of October doing it. No camping...
  6. Trip to The Pyrenees - July 2010

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    It's now 3 weeks since we returned from the best biking trip I've ever had so now that some nice folk have explained how to do it, here's my report: The Team were Me, the Wife, a small cuddly bee belonging to my nephew and "Doris" our trusty Garmin Zumo. 3rd July: Having finally managed to strap...
  7. ruddy hell Dorris!!!!!

    it was a lovely afternoon yesterday,the road down to minehead was calling come hither.not a prob off i go. it is as we all know holiday time and the southwest is in its normal state of emits,groccles puddling around.:(:( ok go slow enjoy the view i know its loverly down yer roond them lanes. but...
  8. Ullapool Info . Map . Etc

    Past National Meets
    Hi After recently returning from the Ullapool Area. I thought it would be helpful to put together a little info about Ullapool and what to expect,(if you have not visited before). Coming from the south/east via the A835 .. You will hopefully have wonderful views up Loch Broom with Ullapool...
  9. Found this, anyone on here?

    Hi, is this anyone on here? Silsden motorcyclist 8:30am Thursday 6th August 2009 By Alistair Shand A Silsden motorbiker has spoken of the terrifying moment he and five colleagues were almost swept away by a flash flood in Morocco. Chris Banks and his fellow bikers managed to scramble to...
  10. 9 Days in France and the Pyrenees

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just got back after a 9 day tour of France, the Pyrenees, a bit of Northern Spain and Andorra. All the pictures are here and even though i say it myself some crackers. trendinvestor : photos : Pyrenees Trip 2009 What a trip simply incredible and all planned at the very last minute, i had a...
  11. A ride over the Mendips and Exmoor

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    It's strange how things can turn out, I really wanted to go out on my DR350 just for a couple of hours but it is not quite ready so as it was beautiful weather I decided to get the KTM out. The plan was to just pop out for a couple of hours then come back and help my wife sort some things out...
  12. cheddar run out

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    evening all..........had a short run out over to cheddar gorge, wells and weston s mare today. cracking weather, lots of bikers about especially in gorge. bit hairy ( wind ) crossing severn bridge but fun:thumbright: few pics to look at. cheers ade...
  13. Honda XR's go to Morocco!!!

    Well 2 weeks to go, we have 2 XR250's and a XR400 all with oversize tanks! a WR250f and a KTM 990 . the KTM is designated tug tractor and general Mule!!! Bikes are transported down to Tarifa in Spain and 4 lucky riders are flying in on Ryanair to Jerez Airport for £40 each!!! We plan 8 days...
  14. A little bit of France

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Last week Offroader, Eammon and myself caught a ferry to Calais, for a little jaunt into France. We were heading down to visit a campsite owned by a French friend of mine in Charmes sur l'herbasse, which is situated between Lyon and Valence. First stop though was at Guignicourt near Reims as i'd...
  15. check out these crazy feckers

    terrifying just watch the video.... El Caminito del Rey (The King's pathway) is a walkway, now fallen into disrepair, pinned along the steep walls of a narrow gorge in El Chorro, near Lora in Mlaga, Spain. The walkway has gone many years...
  16. Oh dear be careful where you stand

    yesterday weston super mare aircooled RD meet met at cheddar up and down the gorge a few times for Del to tak e moving pics , then on to weston plagued with harleys but well Steve Myself and Martyn got caught standing in the wrong place methinks
  17. It could be you

    Here's the news today in Marrakesh. 14 people were killed when their minibus, on tour of the Todra Gorge, fell into the ravine. So for those of you who use your bike for more than a trip to the next out! Take care.....
  18. Nearly finished work for Xmas

    Hoo bloody ray :D, only got to waste/'work' a few more hours and im done for the year. Then me and the Mrs can crack open the beer and wine, chocolates and mince pies and gorge ourselves stupid + spend some great time with our son - Isnt Christmas great :D:D :wav:
  19. Rusty Nuts Grand Challenge 2006

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Once a year in a land far far away a group of hardcore bikers gather for a weekend of pain and perseverance. A campsite in a small town in the middle of the north island of new zealand becomes the centre of operation for the Rusty Nuts 1000 mile grand challenge. Riders come from all over and...
  20. Waypoints for Morocco....

    Great Roads/Routes
    Does anybody have waypoint for Morocco, especially route into Todra Gorge or links to a site where I can find them. Big trip in May, which I'll post obviously. Cheers