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  1. Dominator softshell?

    Hey guys, I've recently been sent a photo of my friend's awesome dominator what-looks-like-a-softshell he bought, and i gotta Say i'm pretty jealous about his new piece. I've been searching through the internet for dominator crewneck shirts and softshells but i can't find it. Does anybody know...
  2. A weekend on the piste

    Africa Twin
    Y'know those times when a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
  3. Good day to you all, I am Crazy L, from Portsmouth

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all I'm new to this off road riding lark as I have been riding road bikes all my 20 years of riding, but have just bought a snotter of an XR400 to use for a bit of green laning/ general shenanigans. Just gotta get it road legal now as it was the enduro version thus had a, what looks to me...
  4. countershaft step-by.step

    Africa Twin
    hi m8 my output-shaft is completely flat, no way around it! gotta open the engine. is there any thread here or anywhere with a step by step how to change it? and also would like to know you´re opinion on the shaft from cms parts and the gasket kit from poland that appears a lot on ebay. any...
  5. You gotta see this :)

    Africa Twin
    Especially like the chicken :)
  6. More of a rest report really . . . .

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Gotta say that Michelin Anakees that have done 6k miles are Poo in the snow . . . Got the machine upright - nowt bent or broken . . . . . so I headed to lower levels . . . . nearly sea level on the Spey just down from Fochabers . . . Only minus 1.5 today, so things are warming up a bit...
  7. Is it windy or what ?

    I'm working in Arisaig just now, got a diving crew and work boat all set to steam out of Mallaig and head out to Arisaig to lay an outfall pipe into the sea. Been laid up due to the " adverse weather conditions " :( Been told yesterday that there were 14 metre high waves in the Minch ( wonder...
  8. brilliant

    Dominator / FMX
    got my dominatrix a few weeks ago and i have been tidying her up and today was the first real day i have been out.she is great on the A roads and handles pretty well.i love the fact that i can turn a corner,still be in 3rd,ring it's neck and away she goes.really pleased.just gotta find a few...
  9. You gotta hand it to the Scots.....

    This gaf BirnamHotel | Home was giving free accommodation last night to anyone stuck in the snow in the area. How's that for civic responsibility. :thumbright: I wonder how many other hotels and travelodges did the same for stranded motorists?
  10. 5 in 1 YOU GOTTA LAUGH

    Yesterday the sun was cracking t flags (again ha ha ) but you,ll have the last laugh:( but what the hell We got our selves togged up in the summer gear and my new AIROH S4 (best helmet iv,e ever worn love it) opened the garage doors and the cars in the way :blob7: move it for us babe i said...
  11. Gotta Getaway

    Off out to see Stiff Little Fingers yet again. At the Forum. Have a nice evening everyone.
  12. Pannier rack......You've gotta see this.....

    Knowing that I had inquired about making myself an exhaust guard so I could use a set of throw over panniers, he said one good turn deserves another when i offered to post some plastic parts up to him. More than a fair exchange I think and mine wouldn't have been 10% as good as this. Cheers...
  13. Ma TA`s gotta go, as well

    Guys,,, see the for sale section....
  14. My Transalp's gotta go,

    For Sale / Wanted
    It's no good, having ridden an Africa twin I'm gonna have to get one! So my Transalp's gonna go on Ebay...The question is, what do I put it up for? It's a 1992 on a J, Italian Import, Burgandy/Purple over silver, 10 months MOT+Tax, Avon Distanzas with 4.5mm on the back - 5mm on the front, less...
  15. Ya gotta see this !!!!!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Simply amazing, but be prepared after viewing to feel inadequate. I now feel like a girl's blouse pussy adventure rider.
  16. gotta luv the gene pool

    especially the shallow end :lol: if your gonna try to wind up the old bill make sure your up to it LOL
  17. gotta luv young stunters............

  18. gotta luv those americans!

    Africa Twin
    thought you guys would get a larf outta this (ok yes i know its not an AT)