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  1. Africa Twin
    Two years ago I had to remove my original exhaust from my RD03 because it was so badly corroded internally, I fitted a GPR Exhaust temporally until I could get my original restored. In Rostov, Russia I met a custom bike & exhaust builder called Pasha, i sent the exhaust to him and 2 months...
  2. Africa Twin
    The exhaust is for the RD03 but I’m sure it’s a close fit for other models. Price is €150 Price New is €265 RD03 Headers €100 Might fit other models but I’m not sure 89 HRC Africa Twin 650
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Few parts for sale if anybody’s interested * * BIKE IS NOT FOR BREAKING * * ALL PARTS FOR SALE ARE LISTED BELOW Parts are off Africa Twin 650 Some of these parts will also fit the Africa Twin 750 and the Transalp 600 OEM Header Pipes €100 OEM Fork Springs €50 OEM Shock (SOLD) OEM Handlebars...
  4. Dominator / FMX
    Just bought an RD08, really nice to ride and goes well. 99% of it is in good order, however the exhausts (pipe to muffler) are shot. my first peak under the side panels last night revealed a very sorry state of affairs (much disappointment). Been looking around and I cannot decide on a course...
  5. Dominator / FMX
    Hi wise people, would someone be able to tell me the size of the outlet pipe when going to a 2 into 1 system and how that impacts on performance from the original system. I see 2 into 1 pipe adapter with muffler like GPR advertise but no mention of merged pipe size. Wouldn't going from 2 30mm...
  6. Dominator / FMX
    Hi, the silencers on my '95 Dominator are in good condition, but they've become quite loud and I'm looking for a way to make the bike quieter again. I tried opening them to renew steel wool inside but they appears completely welded - only the chrome cap comes off. I looked at replacement...
  7. Dominator / FMX
    Looking for advice I want to replace my exhaust system on my 2001 Dommie I have seen lots of what is out there, b4 I commit Does anyone have any experience with GPR Exhaust? Should I continue my search Laser Produra? Arrow? As always your ideas are always appreciated
  8. Africa Twin
    Hi All, Just happen to have my exhaust off over the week end and just about got a hernia lifting it. Holy Cow 27 lbs??? I love that it's quiet, but wow. So, any one running this GPR? Honda Africa Twin 750 90 02 GPR Exhaust Systems Furore Black Slipon Muffler | eBay The ad says it's only 2.4...
  9. Transalp
    Been lookin around for a new exhaust for my 96 XL600v and so fare I am down to these options.( I guess these will fit all 600 from 87 and up) The Fuel Diablo S\S at 215£ Transalp XL600V Exhaust Diablo Brushed s s Oval UK Road Legal Carbon Outlet | eBay The Dominator S\S at 199£ Dominator...
  10. Dominator / FMX
    swapped standard exhaust for a gpr 2 into 1 system the standard side panels look a bit odd as the end can is a lot smaller and sits closer to the frame and the other side is even worse with a missing torpedo sized can. would something like xr/xl or even cr be a simple(ish) swap?
  11. Africa Twin
    First post on the forum. Moderators, please guide me right if these questions has already benen answered elsewhere on the forum. 1A. Assume that we start with an unmodified RD04 - how much can the power (horsepower, torque) be increased by modifying airbox, changing air filter, changing...
  12. Africa Twin
    Thinking of replacing the pipework and exhaust. Anyone bought one of these and have any insight to give? Honda XRV750 Africa Twin Exhaust Full system in stainless steel by GPR | eBay John
  13. Accessories
    Hi there, I have the GPR oval stainless steel exhaust on my RD07, yet without the db killer. I bought it without. But it is very loud for the neighbors. I have tried the GPR website and contacted them, as well as some suppliers for GPR exhausts without success yet. Does any of you have any...
  14. For Sale / Wanted
    FOR SALE is the exhaust system taken off my RD07A which was featured recently in Motor Cycle Monthly. This exhaust has some surface rust - which should be easily removable. Will put it on eBay very soon, so if anyone wants pictures (it's wrapped up as it was sent back from Italy where GPR...
  15. Africa Twin
    Dear all! Finally got the AT MoT'd and sorted thanks to IDP Moto and ex Honda dealer Daryll Young. It's got all the kit on to take on the Crosstourer SE (£13,500!) in next month's issue of Motor Cycle Monthly, but the running is still not perfect - probably due to the bike being stood for so...
  16. Africa Twin
    Anyone got any experience of these? Are they any/much louder than the standard can? I want quiet please! :) About a year ago I bought a 'road legal' GPR can and it's too fekin loud, even with the baffle and cone thingie in. When I'm on early shift the neighbours must hate it. So I'm looking...
  17. For Sale / Wanted
    xr 650r talon supermoto wheels with dunlop radials gpr 80 tyres,comes with front braking disc and talon caliper mount ready to bolt straight on. in vgc all though slight corrosion to nipples should polish out £450.00 + P&P or collect. contact Neil 07831 586691
  18. Dominator / FMX
    is any one in need of a standard 2000 model exhaust ive recently orderd a gpr and will no longer have the need for it. just thought i would post a thread before it goes up on ebay on the weekend
  19. Africa Twin
    Should I go with the GPR or the Marving exhaust on my RD03?
  20. Africa Twin
    Anybody have any experience with these cans? Sure do look pretty?
1-20 of 26 Results