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  1. Tripmaster -> Garmin conversion Moun

    Africa Twin
    Got my hands on a gratis Garmin Zumo 396LMT-S Motorcycle GPS, so decided to replace the TripMaster (which on mine was still fully functioning!) Anyway, I used my 3D printer to make up a bracket to mount the Garmin on the original tripmaster mounts. I have the 3D models if anyone wants to...
  2. Fuse sizing?

    Africa Twin
    So how do you go about choosing a proper size fuse? I received my new 3 circuit setup and would like to get it installed now. One line is going to my gps and another to the rear trunk. is there a rule of thumb to use for figuring things out? Also for the switched circuits can I use a rear turn...
  3. IZIMeeting 2018 - 11-13.05

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Dear Friends! Following our annual tradition, we do heartily invite you to the next - the 8th edition of the IZI Meeting. This event has been a gathering bikers from all corners of the world for eight years now. Not surprisingly this year’s edition will again take place at the picturesque...
  4. Romania Guidebooks

    Want to make plans for 2018? The 55 tracks from our adventure guidebooks are the best place to start! You will get: offroad and tarmac routes, maps, GPS tracks, descriptions, accommodations, sights, tracks over all the mountains passes of Romania and much more. Also you get the Touring Romania...
  5. Gps on a xr with no battery.

    Hi guys. My xr250 is set up for expedition use. It doesn't use a battery. I'm looking into satnav gps options. The problem being I can't power anything from the bike. I have a small garmin bike unit which will last around 6 hours then need 8 hour charge. Not ideal was thinking of a solar unit...
  6. GPS woe's

    Hi are there any GPS experts on the forum? I am planning a trip around the coast of Ireland this year, I'm plotting my route using the on line satmap xpedition software and downloading as GPX Tracks. All well and good so far, after sorting the glitch with satmaps format I import them to...
  7. Riding towards Spring - Motorcycle Trip to France, Spain and Andorra

    Why to wait for the end of the winter if you can ride towards spring? Here are some pictures of a motorcycle trip to France, Spain and Andorra in March / early April. Much more photos and GPS-data for download here: Motorcycle-Vagabonds - Riding towards Spring - Motorcycle Trip to France...
  8. Wales - pictures + gps-data download

    Here are a few shots of our Wales trip. For more pictures + download of the gps-data: Motorcycle-Vagabonds - Wales - Motorcycle Journey See you on the road! Frank
  9. 12v Catch

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I am currently installing a GPS unit to replace the dead TripMaster, but I will need a point where to catch the 12v to fit a USB connector in order to power the GPS unit while driving. I was thinking of using 2 of the PINs on the TripMaster connector, since they deliver 12v just when the...
  10. For Sale: Honda 2003 Transalp 650 XL650V many extras

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda 2003 Transalp 650 XL650V many extras £2500 MOT to August 2017 mileage 17761 miles first registered 23/5/2003 I brought it off another forum member (boboneleg) in April 2012. I have done nearly 10000 miles on it over the 4 ½ years of ownership. Selling as I now have an early 600 Transalp...
  11. Mobile phone (GPS) holder

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone know of a good mobile phone holder for fitting onto an Africa Twin that allows it to be charged and kept dry?
  12. For Sale: autocom logic system (dating from 2011)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Dear All, I have upgraded communication system on the bikes, and am now working with bluetooth headsets. I have done this not because they are better than autocom, but because I share helmets across bikes, and the autocom system does not allow this easily....If I had one bike, I would still...
  13. For Sale: 4 ltrs Castrol Power 1 10w-40 for £25!

    For Sale / Wanted
    After some top quality semi synthetic 10w-40? If so then you may be interested in our latest bike oil offer - 4 litres of Castrol Power 1 10W-40 for just £25 with use of voucher code POWER1 We can only offer this for a limited time only, so make sure you take advantage before it ends...
  14. Sold: SATMAP 10 GPS plus goodies

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, offering up my SATMAP 10 with 1:50k UK Map and chargers, 3 batt packs, spare scree, screen covers, padded case, armoured rubber case, 2 handlebar mounts and instructions. Great bright and waterproof unit with all day battery and nice bright/ clear screen (check out online reviews) all...
  15. Odometer turning backwards and speedometer is at zero

    Africa Twin
    Gentlemen,I have a problem I like to share with you and hopefully get someadvice. Ihave a AT RD07 1993. The speedometer was not working when I got thebike some years back. When I checked the worm gear the nylon bush wasin pieces and the aluminium/metal worm was broken up badly.Completely...
  16. Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide Book

    Hello, I want to let everybody know that the first motorcycle guide book of Romania is now available. Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide has 27 tracks (touring, soft-enduro and adventure), a detailed map (1.80 000 scale), GPS tracks and tons of details about the Western Carpathian Mountains (Apuseni...
  17. New Triumph

    I guess some of You Guys knows this already, but it's new at least to me. Triumph has added two new premium models to their already excellent 2015 Tiger 800 range. The XR and XRx have been joined by an XRT while the XC and XCx now have an XCA as their stable mate, resulting in a total of six...
  18. For Sale: Varadero - Palmer products screen brackets + gps bar

    For Sale / Wanted
    Evening, I've sold the vara now so these brackets and gps bar are for sale. Easy to say as I'm selling them but I reckon they were the best mod I did to the bike, loads of adjustments, very easy and quick to fit and transformed the ride. I'll take a few better pics tomorrow but here's a link...
  19. Accuracy of Africa Twin RD07 Trip Master converted to give digital speed reading

    Africa Twin
    A few months ago I modified my Trip Master to display the speed in kmph (my speedo gear unit on the axle is busted..) and it was a breeze to do it. However (quite by chance..) I discovered that the speed reading is not accurate! I have mounted my Garmin E-Trex 30 GPS unit on the handle bar and...
  20. For Sale: For Sale Bmw R1150GS Adventure 02

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I am selling my Bmw Adventure. It is a 02 model with 62000 miles. Is has Mot until Jan 2016. Hid lights, rear hugger, panniers, Wunderlich screen, hand guards, heated grips, auxilliary fuse box, bar risers, Migsel gps mount. New front Tourance fitted today, Hypro shocks front and rear, Mv...