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  1. Chatter
    STOLEN last night (19/8/16) from South Milford Hotel near Squires, a red and silver GPz900r, Yorks Reg No: E703 AAW, also a blue and silver GPz900r, Reg No: C368 RPD, looks like both were taken together in a van ... Police informed ... Any help much appreciated...
  2. Africa Twin
    Y'know those times when a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.
  3. Kawasaki
    This is my Kawasaki gpz500s... just part/x'ed it for my 650 transalp...
  4. Transalp
    Hi guys just bought myself a 06, 650 Transalp... my previous bike was a Kawasaki GPZ500 but I'm getting a bit old for the riding position so for the sake of my back,knees and wrists it had to go.. The riding position on the Transalp is much more she is... my new baby....
  5. Chatter
    Apart from the obvious Guy Martin choice ... who else would pundits propose as presenter members of the next Top Gear team ?
  6. Transalp
    Tonight in the Middlesea ... Narrow margin of error, tense, but no overflowing spillage ...
  7. Africa Twin
    Spotted last night, up at Castille, Valletta.
  8. Chatter
    One of the elderly motorcycles on display in my Maltese motorcycle insurance broker's place of business ... Nice'n'Black, eh !
  9. Transalp
    The TA and us, Saturday morning posing on the eastern section of the Mt.Etna ring-road.
  10. XL
    Seen going south, at 16:06 hours 1/1/2013.
  11. Suzuki
    Yikes ! Seventh oil and filter (Kyoto) change, this at 14,842 miles from new. Evidence of metal filings ... any ideas as to the source ... should I be panicking ?
  12. Yamaha
    35°59'20.01"N 14°19'44.89"E - Cirkewwa, Malta. Bugger, just missed the 10:30 ferry. Later, 36° 1'9.68"N 14°17'18.82"E - Xatt l-Ahamar, Gozo. From within the cooling waters. After, 36° 1'4.41"N 14°16'57.99"E - Xatt l-Ahamar, Gozo. Along the coastal path, pause to pose with TTR250 and pale...
  13. Africa Twin
    Spotted this one ... ... acommpanying the Metzeler crew at Mugello, lunchtime, 21/6/12.
  14. Kawasaki
    Lads Just checking in have been teleported over onto Star ship Kawasaki from Star ship Africa Twin . Rebuilt an AT last winter and its running like a clock . Got the bug and did a deal with a guy for a GPz 600 (1988) see below Going to have a bash at a Bobber or a hard tail frame is...