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  1. Africa Twin
    Recently finished the annual clean on my @. Thanks to ACF50 and liberal amounts of spray grease, I never cease to be amazed that under the last year's worth of crud, it fails to corrode or deteriorate to any notable extent. It's now been through 14 winters and remains in such excellent...
  2. Transalp
    I've bought their centre stand for the TA700 but it came with no instructions and a quick search here revealed no hints about the general fitting method. So... Do I need to take anything off the bike? A quick look seems to show the side stand in the way. Do I grease the hinge pin during...
  3. Transalp
    Well now i'm going to tackle the re grease and adjustment of the steering. Can it be done with the handle bars in situ? And does the top Yoke have to be removed. In the manual it says the it does, but just wondered if it can be done without. Regards Pete
  4. XR
    Got myself another XR400R, about 6 weeks ago, with 2800 miles on it It needed a bit of fettling and a good going over, change the fluids all around, grease the linkage and swingarm bolt out for lubing etc and basically put it back to standard, removing the fatbars/risers and Acerbis tank and...
  5. Triumph
    My friend Al bought a new 800 now with 4500 miles and has never so even looked at a dirt road and the head bearings have a nasty notch right in the middle. Keep a close eye on them. Probably over tightened and under greased at the start.
  6. Transalp
    Wonder if anyone can tell me what the small rubber bung is for directly under lower suspension mount on the swinging arm on my 07 650 TA.It appears that a small amount of grease is coming from it.Thanks.
  7. Africa Twin
    hi all need a bit advice quick if poss......just got a speedo hub kit from rugged roads consisting of white plastic speedo drive cog,new drive washer and 2 very thin washers ...need to no were the 2 thin washers go please...also should i pack the whole of the inside of the new hub with new...
  8. Africa Twin
    when you fit the upgraded reg rec, you unplug the original round plug and blank it off with grease to stop it shorting, you the put the red and black wires to the battery. i'm using the R6 reg on mine, whats stopping me doing the same with this reg?
  9. Africa Twin
    Pouring out fumes from the drain outlet, and as luck would have it by it's design - exhaust grease nicely lubed my rear disc and pads ;) New can, and rear pads I reckon; I've looked for Laser cans and there's not many about so I'm thinking to buy an Arrow and miss the low down Laser roar, for a...
  10. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I'm after some urgent advice. I am finding it very hard to find moly grease here in the south of France to use with my engine rebuild. Lithium general purpose is in great supply though - can I use lithium, or does it have to be Moly? Appreciate and quick responses, as I am in town now...
  11. Africa Twin
    Hi All. Just preparing bike for winter have some electric connection oxidized , want lubricate them but not sure what to use Any recommendations ? Sometimes I use vaseline on battery is there specific grease can be used like copper grease or vaseline be ok ? VAL Africa Twin , BMW R1100RT, 2...
  12. Africa Twin
    I have managed to get some grease on my brake discs whilst dismantling the bike. ? What's the best thing to get the grease off without damaging the discs?
  13. Africa Twin
    As per subject line is there anything worth knowing when it comes to tarting up the wheels? Can I, for example, just take a brillo pad to them? Or wire wool? Or a toothbrush? Any do's and don'ts when it comes to chemicals? I've see some guys using brick cleaner, others use branded products...
  14. XL
    Hi all Being delayed by commitments meaning more time for more bits and pieces and hey bought a brand new honda packed battery box well chuffed. Still having some slight issuies with being busy at work hovever keeps my coppers being saved up in my bike account . Just thought I should touch base...
  15. Dominator / FMX
    Hi, Think my starter motor has died. Battery & relay are both new and current getting to the motor terminal when pressing the starter button on the handlebars. Removed the starter reduction gearbox cover and the grease is completely emulsified. Has anybody got a motor they could part with, or...
  16. Transalp
    On striping down my 1987 600's rear suspension I noticed only one of the three metal inserts in the rubber bushes will rotate (the one with the grease nipple) is this correct or should all three rotate ?
  17. Africa Twin
    Just bought an AT from a neighbour. 1994, 1 owner, 10,000 guaranteed miles, 2k of which in last 15 years! Full history, all mot's, books, spare keys etc. needs some TLC and elbow grease but is in fantastic condition for its age. Anybody any idea what it is worth? Also not sure if I should do a...
  18. Africa Twin
    Are there any grease nipples on the AT RD07? I know some of the better old Honda's had them. No mention of any in the Haynes manual but that does nor usually mean very much.
  19. Africa Twin
    Can someone recommend the best type of chain lube to get for my @, some are like a grease others spray on more like oil? I am sick of getting black crap all over the frame swinging arm and spokes lol thanks in advance
1-19 of 50 Results