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  1. Any help would be Greatful. xl125r project

    Hi all. Im Stu From a place called Ramsbottom ( LOL) i'm going back to my youth, motorcycles, after having two kids with my longtime partner and selling my sports car :( im moving back to bikes after 10years. Recently purchased a rolling chassis of an xl125r, 1987??? i plan on road registering...
  2. 2001 mods Fuel pump? Reg/rectifier?

    Greetings all recently bought a 2001 650 Transalp which has already been fairly comprehensivley kitted out to travel on. Aluminium boxes, touring scottoiler, power sockets and taller screen, new wheel bearings and large crash bars already fitted by the previous owner... lucky me. It's already...
  3. Wanted: Gilera Nordwest

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi , I am just back fom 420 mile round trip to view a Girela Nordwest , Before deciding to travel , i had several phone chats and I viewed and enlarged pictures from the owner The frame had been repainted , as it turned out upon inspection it was rough with only the visible parts of frame were...
  4. XR400 Side Stand Help

    I have a problem with the side stand. I have had the bike a few years. It did not have a stand when I bought it. I thought I would just buy another one and bolt on. Then I realised there is no where to bolt it! It did not really bother me as I use it off road only. However I want to get it on...
  5. africa twin late model needed for development

    Africa Twin
    Hi, If there is a owner in the sussex area that is willing to let us borrow there bike for some development work we would be very greatful. We will probably need the bike for between 2-4 weeks. Pm me if you can help. thanks :p
  6. XR400 to CRF230

    CRF - New Forum!
    After much thinking I sold the XR400 for much more than I thought and am after a CRF230 but cannot find them for love nor money. Can anyone offer any suggestions please? I recently went on a motorcycle tour and they all had circa 2005 CRF230's, they really, suited me, electric start, air...
  7. Africa Twin 650

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Folks got chance to buy AT650 1988 needs a bit of tlc . but not drastic. needs chain, blue gaiters+bits. 30,000 Km on clock , The man wants £550 should i shake or wave bye , would be greatful for any advice , looking forward to another Honda vt. in the past i have owned TA650 and vt500e do...
  8. The Paddy Dakar

    Charity Events
    Guys I'm really greatful for ye letting me post this topic. I'm a huge Dakar fan and the marathon guys gave me great advice when I was rebuilding my twin . Thank's Jonny 24,25th ,26 September 2010 in the village of Doon Co Limerick. I hope to raise money for Down Syndrome Ireland...
  9. Still Smokin ?

    Dominator / FMX
    Chaps recently i overhauled the top end of my dommi cos it was smoking i stripped the top end down and replaced the piston , rings and oil seals today whilst in the shed i thought id spin it up and as it got warm it started smoking again on the same exhaust as it was smoking before now when...
  10. XL600R acceleration juddering

    Hi guys Bought an 86 xl600r last year and have been stripping it down and rebuilding the frame work and engine wiring etc. However, the guy i bought it off had completely rebuilt the inside of the engine. The engine runs sweet as a nut (when i can get it going) which leads me on to my problems...
  11. another quick question

    Mechanical Advice
    hello! i have a have a hinda cbf 125. does anyone know or is it possibale to tune it up and make it g faster??replys i would be greatful to:p
  12. 750cc Upgrade info required.

    Africa Twin
    Hi. Just joined the site tonight. I have a 96' AT and would like to know if anyone has fitted a larger engine to one of these bikes, ie vtr1000!! I really like the bike but find that after a BMW R1100 it feels a bit underpowered. I would be greatful for any help.
  13. 1992 XR250R White colour code?

    Hi, I have a 1992 XR250R in white and there are a few areas of the frame I wanted to touch up. Unfortunately the sticker displaying the colour code has been half ripped off. I can just make out that the colour code is Honda White NH -..... The rest is missing. So if anyone has this model or can...
  14. honda fmx power

    Dominator / FMX
    hay all im new to the forum as was wondering if i can have ur thoughts my insurance need to know the bhp increase from these mods stage1 dyno kit remus exhaust k&n air filter any help will be greatful thanks
  15. Ignition dilema

    Africa Twin
    When I bought my RDO4 the previous owner informed me that there was a theft attempt on the bike and the thieves broke the steering lock. I bought a replacement ignition switch from AlanH and very greatful for his service. I just have a small dilema in that, when I took mine apart to compare I...
  16. Wanted: 1984-86 Air cooled XLV 750R Engine

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello All Can anyone help me locate a 1984-86 Air cooled Honda XLV750R engine. I am looking for the engine to start my build of a RS750 Flat tracker. I noticed that Ped Baker from the Motorcycle news has been looking for parts for his engine for 17 months, thats why I have joined the owners...
  17. Getting a gel pack fitted to the seat.

    Mechanical Advice
    I have just been in touch with C M as to the price of fitting a Gel pack under the seat lining and was suprised at the price £145 plus £50 for the gel pack itself. If anyone could advise me where I could get this done cheaper or a suitable modification which wont break the bank I would be most...
  18. honda varadero xl1000

    Hello folks, I have recently purchased a 2004 honda varadero 1000 xl and I love it. However I have one problem and that is when the bike gets wet say over night and driven the headlight cuts off or if your driving in the rain for a little while the same thing happens.Everything else is not...
  19. HID conversion kit on Ebay

    I saw this on eBay, and wondered if anyone here has used this particular model, as they seem to be £30 less than others people have used. Greatful for any feedback and help offered :thumbright:
  20. Barry Sheene memorial challenge

    Past Charity Events
    A local biker is participating in this he recently did me a favour so i am posting this here in hope of upping his donations a bit, merv I am participating in the Barry Sheene Memorial Challenge from the 16th to 25th May 2008 in aid of CLIC - the charity which fights cancer in children. The...