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  1. For Sale: Honda Africa Twin XRV 650 RD03 mod.1988

    For Sale / Wanted
    Pr. 2.600 Euro Km:79.000.- -Honda center stand -Laser aluminum exhaust -WP springs in front suspension THE BIKE IS IN CRETA, GREECE.
  2. Cam chain guide Replacement issue

    Hello from Greece,Im rebuilding my XL600LM (1985-PD04) and i need the GUIDE, CAM CHAIN Part number:14620MK4620 which replaces (14620MG3003, 14620MK4600, 14620MK4601 that older XRs have). The problem is that this part, is no longer available!!!Has anyone tried the NX650 ? i.e.(14620MN9870 Guide...
  3. Moto-Discovery LED panel for Tail Light

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, I would like to replace the single-filament incandescent tail-light bulb in my Africa Twin with an LED panel. Does anyone have any experience of this one from Moto-Discovery in Greece ? I...
  4. Hello from Greece.

    Africa Twin
    Hello guys...i just sold my 650 transalp (modified with AT parts) to get a 2002 Africa. I must say. Im in LOVE !!!!!!!:toothy10::toothy10::toothy10:
  5. Africa Twin club Greece trip to "Kalamata"

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A video from a recent trip to "Kalamata"
  6. Day trip with Africa Twin club Greece

    A day trip with in central Greece. The trip had many icons, we moved from the sea to the mountains , from heat to cold and finally we reached "Leivadia" in a wonderfull place for diner. Enjoy the video
  7. Motorcycle clubs support TT Isle of man rider

    Competitions / Trials
    This is the third year of mr Psihogios participation in TT Isle of man. Every year epsecially this one has the support of many motorcycle clubs here in Greece. Among them is the Africa Twin club. We were happy to participate to his promo video for this years race and we wish him a good luck...
  8. Rallying in 2016

    Competitions / Trials
    Just wondering if anybody else was planning on doing any rally raid type events this year? I'm currently signed up on the AT for the Tour of Portugal in March, planning on doing as much of the ATRC and rally moto cup as possible in the UK, and funds dependent, fancy Rally Albania and possibly...
  9. Karpenisi

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Another video from Africa Twin club. A trip to Karpenisi and many many km around the villages of central Greece.
  10. For Sale: Ohlins upgrade 650 Transalp

    For Sale / Wanted
    I had an uprated Ohlins spring with adaptors fitted by Kais in Atherton before our Greece trip back in '08 (blimey!). Stock spring rate is 13.2kg/mm as I recall, the Ohlins 15kg/mm and it does carry the weight better without being hard/harsh solo. £70 posted. I can fit to a decent spare...
  11. A European jaunt on my fantastic Transalp

    In 2012 I posted about a round trip to Romania - and never got round to posting any photos :( Well, we went back again this year and I've finally managed to post some photos etc. here Once again the Transalp was perfect - but I guess you already know that ;) Other than the 'mods' mentioned...
  12. fmx forks just got to fit them on slr

    Dominator / FMX
    just got these delivered all the way from greece, planning on putting them on the slr, any tips ?
  13. Newbe question here.

    Hello from Greece. I have just bought a 03 TA and would like to ask you guys if there is a fuel reserve switch like the AT or a reserve light when fuel is low? Also, is there a thread with pics that I can use to adjust the preload?
  14. Annual meeting for Africa Twin club in Greece

    Regional Meets
    Who ever is in Greece 25-27 of September he should come to our annual meeting in Evoia Club Agia Anna with lots of games and parties The location of the camping on google maps...
  15. front wheels

    Africa Twin
    Hi all will the front wheel from a rd07 1998 fit a rd04 1991 as I have just bought one on eBay from Greece I'm hopping it will as I need it for the mot next month
  16. cooked dominator engine

    Dominator / FMX
    I will soon be in the proud owner of a 650 dominator engine that has been run short of oil,I will need to rebuild it or swop it out for another one or something similar.The engine is actually in a sidecar so another engine that has similar mountings would do,is an fmx 650 motor similar? Any...
  17. Your help needed

    We are starting a new business, motorcycle tours in Greece.. we have compiled a questionnaire to ensure that we are offering the service you want.. If you have 5 minutes and are feeling good please leave your email address so I can forward it.. Thank you in advance.. Victoria.
  18. Shipping costs for European tours?

    I am doing some research with a view to organising motorbike tours in Greece. Please recommend a good motorcycle shipping agency.. economical and safe. Thank you. V
  19. Africa Twin club Greece winter trip

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    This is a video from a trip two weeks before It was very cold but the pictures unique
  20. At rd03 xrv 700

    Africa Twin
    Hi to all and best greetings from Athens, Greece. Please, be patient with my poor English. I own an AT XRV 650 and recently I've bought Wiseco K696 kit from Amazon at a nice price. This kit is originally made for NT 650 GT Hawk which shares the same engine with AT XRV 650. By increasing...