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  1. Appreciated advice, CUTTING OUT .

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, I am a proud owner of a AT RD07A 1997 (Name TOTO) I experienced a bizarre moment this morning as was riding, Toto decided to cut out leaving me with no lights or ignition button working( dead ) 10 minutes later after waiting on the side of the road she started again ! Now I will...
  2. Nx650 Scrambler Build

    Dominator / FMX
    Well it's been some time in the making but my first custom bike build is now complete.:D Got to the point where I just wanted it on the road, so still a bit 'ratty' and might strip it all down again one day. But just passed it's MOT and already chucking about some green lanes. To be used and...
  3. For Sale: 3 part luggage set - NONFANGO - For/From Africa Twin XRV750

    For Sale / Wanted
    Here I have a 3 part set of Nonfango hard luggage. It was removed from a 2002 XRV750 but you may know if it will fit other models. There is a 52 litre top box which will take 2 full face helmets and 2 panniers which are a sort of teardrop shape, one end narrower then the other. the top plate...
  4. For Sale: For Sale - 2002 XRV750 Spares or Repairs - sold as seen.

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    XRV750 September 2002, 60k milage, MOT til Feb 2020 Bike is in Welham Green, near Hatfield Hertfordshire, just north of South Mimms Services on the M25. Bodywork not bad, no broken tabs or cracks. Tank is good, some small chips around the filler. There must be some marks, after all, the bike is...
  5. Mpg crf450x 2005

    CRF - New Forum!
    Never been interested in fuel range before , but started to ride my bike more on the roads to get to green lanes further away , and i was impressed be the mpg. standard gearing and fuel system/air box (well 165 main jet ) and i got about 60 mpg , that was a mixture of green lane and urban riding...
  6. Chain and sprocket life

    My 04 650 alp has clocked 31,400 miles from new and is still on the original chain and sprockets, I know the green zone wear indicator will only be a guide to chain life but in the five mil. width the green has I still have one point five mil. left. Also the difference in chain play only varies...
  7. HISS

    So, on Friday night I parked my '07 650 TA in the garage, everything was fine. On the Saturday morning I tried to fire it up and it just spun on the starter with no hint of life. I then noticed the green 'key' light was not going out, so that is the HISS warning light. I've had the bike around a...
  8. Green lanes in Surrey (UK)

    Great Roads/Routes
    I put together a single .gpx file which covers most of the green lanes in Surrey, it is attached below if anyone needs a copy.
  9. XRV650 RD03 coolant type

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Planning on flushing the coolant, can’t make out if I should use OAT (silicate free, red colour) or IAT. The bike has green stuff in it now, but I believe silicates ruin the water pumps on some bikes. Anyone know what I need to use, my manual doesn’t say anything helpful on the matter...
  10. Clutch switch, side stand, neutral issue

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I've got a strange issue with my '94 Transalp, let me explain and see if one of you can point me where to look. Current state: Connect both wires to clutch switch - Neutral stay on in all gears. remove one cable bike works as normal, the light goes out when shifting to first and...
  11. Immobiliser

    I have a new-to-me 2005 Transalp V4. Having now read the users manual it stares that when I turn the ignition on the little green 'key' light (immobiliser system indicator) on the RH side of the neutral indicator should turn on for a few seconds and then go off? That does not happen. turn key...
  12. For Sale: Yamaha SR125, low miles (London) ideal leaner bike

    For Sale / Wanted
    withdrawn withdrawn
  13. wiring issues

    Dominator / FMX
    hi.. im new to the forum and hope i can get some help on here. i just got a nx650 that had been stripped for painting and was never put back together, i am having trouble getting a spark,, at the cdi i have 6 wires but all the wiring diagrams i have seen only show 5? i have a 4 block connector...
  14. 04 crf 250x mods

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi all, Honda crf 250 x mods biggest bang for your buck ... open air box (check out c.c.c rick ramsey for pic)( C.c.c closed course competition mods ) Rejet honda crf 250 x they come woefully under jetted very lean, you will get a big improvement (allowing the engine to breath better) in air...
  15. Bimble up to the David Silvers Honda Museum in Suffolk

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Bimbled up the south Suffolk coast to DS via Bawdsey Manor (hush hush WW2 Radar develpment place), Orford, Aldeburgh, Leiston, Orwell Bridge and Pin Mill... Wrote a stern note in the museum's comments book complaining about lack of a representative Firestorm & SPs, Africa Twins & Transalps...
  16. Bike covers

    Product Reviews
    Following on from the excellent opinions on chain maintenance i thought i would chance my luck on further opinions. I used to have an excellent green canvas bike cover for my Sr 500 20 years ago but it appears the choice is more limited these days. Is it oxford or oxford??
  17. Hello !

    Just thought i had better say hello as i have just joined. I live in Devon and i have just bought a 2010 700 TA 8000 miles and unmolested :) i have been off of the road bikes for 3-4 years and just trail riding with a 91 xr250 this will be to potter around on and take away behind the...
  18. HISS light does not enter registration mode

    Hi I have a Transalp 650 2003 model, am trying to programme a spare key - cannot get the ECU into registration mode. I have followed advice on the forums and made a lead with a 100ohm resistor in the positive lead. Found the CKP sensor joins the loom under the petrol tank near the thermostat...
  19. this wicked quite on hear as they would say around where i live

    with everyone out on their bikes and gardening or doing any other things that nice weather suits I decided to start up a thread about nothing in particular so if anyone had anything they felt like saying about anything at all . they could put it in hear and it wouldn't be out of place . with...
  20. regulator rectifier

    Do you need to keep a regulator rectifier wired into the bike if you are not having lights horn indicators etc? New to this whole wiring business on motorbikes from what I can figure out the wires coming from it are for lighting mainly apart from a green which goes to earth and a red that goes...