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  1. grommets

    Does anyone know where I can get some grommets for fixing the fairings to the frame. Some of mine are perished, and some are missing completely. thanks
  2. screen gromets

    hi guys... i went tae change ma screen on ma ave managed tae push the wee gromets that takes the wee screw into the back o the clocks... can i get new grommets. an if so wher efrom.??? or has anyone got any... 2001 vara
  3. Need some Grommets!

    Mechanical Advice
    No, not in me ear...! I have picked up a 1989 KMX200 that is going off for an MOT in the next cuppla weeks to save the 'alp from off-road abuse. But, it has had a Big One expansion chamber and a DEP tail pipe fitted and while I like a bit of zip to a 2-stroke exhaust, it is too damned loud for...