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  1. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    '98 SLR 650, mileage is 78,000 but has had a ground up rebuild over last winter, asking £1800
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Well lads that time again where I'm thinking of my next bike, I'm leaning towards another Dominator but they seem to be slim on the ground in this neck of woods (ROI), I am wondering if anyone here has had both and would you recommend one over the other? Thanks in advance:thumbright:
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi guys Quick question, The fuel cut off relay connector has 3 wires, what one is ground and what one is constant live or switched live ? I think the middle wire is ground and the two outer wires are switched lives, am I right ? And I should add that I want to wire a voltmeter clock to...
  4. Africa Twin
    This is a thread just gagging to get off the ground innit ? Looks like Bob will be first up if he makes it home safely in this weather from Crawley today ! :D ( Only post please if you've actually left the dealers with your new bike and a fat grin ! :) ) (Most of the Original AT's still on...
  5. Africa Twin
    Hello guys. Been searching around here, but can't seem to fund links to seats that are a bit lower. I'm buying a new seat for my rd07 and could use a little more comfort and a few inches towards the ground ;) Any links or other tips? Sent fra min Leap via Tapatalk
  6. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I have for sale a Touratech sidestand foot,this gives the stand a bigger footprint to stop it sinking into soft ground.£17.00 inc pp. VGC,this is just over half price.Pm me Cheers.
  7. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Don't forget today Southerners, bike jumble and classic show ELK Promotions - Classic Motorcycles
  8. Africa Twin
    Right, have got centre stand fitted, new tyres came today. Back tyre out is now easy. If I jack the front wheel just off the ground and take the front out as well will the whole thing crash down backwards? I cant really see it happening but would feel a right plonker if it did.
  9. Africa Twin
    I've bought this USB charger, and I'd like to install it switched, so my question is, where should I connect + ? Minus I plan to either connect at the frame ground, or at the battery. Thanks! :)
  10. Chatter
    What's the weather (and more importantly the ground) like just now? I'm coming down on Thursday to do the BMW off road skills doo dah and I'm just hoping it's not knee deep in show. While snow is fun it's a bit limiting in what you can actually do off road.
  11. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ok, I had a ride out today to check out higher ground up here in the Highlands, it makes grim reading if you're planning Scotland in the near future! Here's the report on ABR; Well, ride report or weather report? You decide!
  12. Competitions / Trials
    Its a hoot! Change of places this year, not Weavers Down but the Bagshot Army training ground. So long as I get a couple of laps in I'll be happy, so get those XR's out and join up!
  13. Transalp
    My bike only has the side-stand so I was wondering what you guys use to get the wheels off the ground for maintenance?
  14. For Sale / Wanted
    Will have it with me (spare) at the National if anyone wants it.
  15. XR
    Hi there i have a 1999 xr 400 and the engine number is missing , the bike is legal as it has a vin number a v5 and mot , but the place where the engine number should be is blank ?????? Could it be that the casing has been changed at some point and that a new one would be blank ? or is it that...
  16. Africa Twin
    As the title says really - with a 17" front will anything hit the tarmac when cornering etc? Cheers
  17. XR
    hi ive a 2001 xr 250 header welds ground off airbox snorkel removed totally open exhaust ( no peashooter ,no spark arrester ) id like some info on what to jet the carb to work in this set up pl;z help or u can txt me on 0781 702 5249
  18. Transalp
    Hi, Just wondering if there are any issues when installing an genuine Honda centre stand, I do expect to loose some ground clearance but what else could be an issue? Cheers Blues
  19. Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, just thought i'd say hello and post a few pics of the AT i,m building. Its all from parts e.g the frame is from italy, engine from Austria. Its a labour of love but going to be worth it, live in West Yorks and just thought i'd introduce myself, cheers Damon
  20. Dominator / FMX
    Ok so what other shocks can i fit to my 1992 dominator? does an xl600 shock fit? Wanting to parts off other bikes that i can get a breakers. looking for something that i can go overland with hoping to ride to Pakistan.
1-20 of 23 Results