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  1. Exhaust melting number plate! Grr..

    Africa Twin
    Think I need to try and angle that exhaust away from the number plate!!! Didn't think it would do that as its a good distance from it!!
  2. 17T PBR Front Sprocket not fitting - GRRR

    Africa Twin
    I picked up some new running gear for the twin today and I was a little annoyed to find that the PBR Front sprocket I was given, not fitting the bike. From checking out the web, it seems that 3481718nc is for the 750 shadow too. Can anybody confirm if they have ever used a PBR front 17T...
  3. Grrr

    So I see a bike for sale on ebay and it sounds interesting and not to far away so I get in touch with the seller, exchange a few emails and then head off to view. Well when I get there he is wrestling with the ignition. The key wont turn. He assures me it is normally ok but today it has jammed...
  4. Bike won't start...

    I have an '04 TA. Last week I dropped it (grr argh to Edinburgh council who think putting bike parks in sloping corners off cobbled cambered streets is a good idea). It has engine guards, and the only visible damage was a broken indicator, which I've now replaced (new set works fine). After...
  5. Grrr

    Grrr :angry5::angry4: A 9 year old little scroat just knocked my door to ask my 7 year old daughter to be his girlfriend, Apparantly hes been pestering her in school. Should I maim him? or just hope hes got the message.