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  1. Why dat den ?

    Mechanical Advice
    It's a beautiful day out there, so prior to Sunday lunch I thought I'd wheel Bev out into the sunshine and clean her wheels. This was all going swimmingly until I read the instructions on the bottle..."WARNING - do not use in bright sunlight" Oooops. And I'm kind of wondering why this is. I...
  2. Stop laughing at the back, how not to sell a bike.

    I put my Pan European up for sale had a couple of views but no sale yet. Yesterday I charged up the battery as it has been stood for some time. Blokey came to look at the bike. It started nicely ticked over well, he gave it a proper examination, then as he turned off the ignition the electrics...
  3. CNash's '6 wheel' quote not saving nowt!

    Ok, Im not the sharpest tool, and I am now officially a grumpy old bugger, but when approaching Carol Nash for a 6 wheel policy (Bike and car combi) I expected that it would work on a "cant ride and drive at the same time simultaneously together" kind of cost-saving concept, and that therefore...
  4. Rider Killed and Farmer gets away

    Ok just read MCN there today, farmer who chased some trail riders in a discovery ran one rider down and crushed him to death got away with it. holy **** how is this possible? as stated they were nto teenagers acting the prick, they were nurses, bankers etc and sme grumpy old **** goes and...
  5. News years Eve

    I WISH EVERYONE A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND A LARGE HEADACHE IN THE MORNING What is everybody doing tonight? This is the second year for me since i was 14 that i have stayed in (i'm 35 now), i have the baby now to look after and can't be bothered paying over the odds to go into pubs for the night and...
  6. Being Grumpy is good for you !

    Win xp, Bluff, lowflyer, Steve T, Alpslapper and all you other grumpyoldgits, take note and stay grumpy :thumbup: BBC NEWS | Health | Feeling grumpy 'is good for you'
  7. grumpy's wheels

    What a great day yesterday, went over to Chad and Vadar country to see the parents, in Doddinghurst, but took these pics b4 I left, I know you like pictures, so I hope you like these :)