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  1. Transalp XL650 V4 2004 HISS question

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Hi all, just bought the above, insurers are asking me which version of HISS I have, and I don't have a clue, neither does the internet by the look of it! Any ideas how to find out so I can get it insured? Many thanks and I am guessing this will be the first of many questions...
  2. Fuel leaking from breather/drain pipe

    Just noticed I've got a drip of fuel from one of the breather pipes. When I started her up the drip became a steady flow. I'm guessing something has given up in the carb. Fortunately its booked into workshop on Tuesday. Any ideas?
  3. XR 600 wheel interchangability

    evening all, please can anyone who has the knowledge let me know what other XR rear wheels fit a 1996 XR 600? I'm guessing that 250 and 400s with a disc rear end will fit, but that a 650 (as they take a wider tyre) won't? Many thanks to anyone who can help! cheers Jon
  4. Lead Weights on Spokes.

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Are these balance weights for the rim, or are they balance weights for tyres fitted? I'm guessing they are for the rim???
  5. K60 Scout v's K60 M+S

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    So I'm guessing ones a summer tyre and ones a winter, but anyone know what's the difference OTR grip, wear level ?
  6. 1999 Dommie warning light

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi chaps, Just picked up a 1999 Dommie today. The book doesn't quite show the same dash. What is the large amber/yellow 'S' indicator on the left where the book says indicator? I'm guessing service or oil maybe, I don't know. Thanks.
  7. Sold: Aluminium Panniers

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Been looking around to get some idea what price these go for, these were on my 2002 Africa Twin, guessing they'll fit other years as well ? £60, includes solid and strong rails for both sides. Be best if collected,
  8. Inner tube dimensions for 140/80-17

    Africa Twin
    Hi! I am going to replace my rear tyre with a new K60 in a few weeks, and I want to replace the inner tube as well while I'm at it. I am guessing I need a 500-550 sized tube, but I can't even find a 550 tube anywhere (which translates to 140). Which tube dimensions do you guys run in the rear...
  9. Mist of oil arounfd the filler cap.

    Africa Twin
    After a long motorway ride I have sotted a slight mist of oil around the filer cap, not a leak as such just a trace, I am guessing that there should be an O ring fitted in the recess that the filler cap/dipstick screws into. is there meant to be an O ring there?
  10. Fuel range on reserve.

    Africa Twin
    Once the bike has gone onto reserve approximately what range is there available. I am guessing about 50 miles, same as on my Pan European. This is the kind of figure it is nice to have an idea of without finding out in real life.
  11. Fuse box change

    Africa Twin
    Rather than add on an auxiallary fuse box, I am thinking about ripping out the original and replacing it with a bigger third party fuse box. Anyone else done this? How are the original wiring loom cables terminated to the box? I am guessing there is bugger all slack to work with. :roll:
  12. Africa twin guessing game

    Africa Twin
    I have taken my @ in as the tickover was between 0 revs and 2000 it depended on how it felt and ment that coming up to lights etc you either have to rev it or it was revving at 2000rpm which is no good. The other help to guess the problem is the plugs were black as the ace of spades and it ended...