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  1. drink review Guinness west indies porter

    I just tried a couple of 500 ml bottles of Guinness west indies porter and its fhucking hansome :happy7: I seen it advertised somewhere so I went looking up about it on beer forums and it good enough reviews although someones said its just a marketing thing . 20 odd years ago I was working at...
  2. World Record Ride

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Dear all, With Christmas round the corner it was today time again to ensure that those less fortunate than myself are being looked after for Christmas too. Every year now the bikers of southern England meet in Reading for the annual Toy Run and I have been part of this for over a decade now...
  3. Bikers can do good in the world

    Charity Events
    I am in the process of finalising a UK wide charity ride ( in aid of Motorcycle Outreach) . The XRV forum has the privilege of advanced notice before the official launch at the end of the month. If you like the sound of it, or have ideas to add , then please feel free to express your interest...
  4. Paul-S TLD10 ride report

    The Longest Day
    I set off on the Friday to head across country. Quite unplanned I met up with BT, Ollie, Rockoz at some services? We then travelled further to meet up with GOG007 and Fishbone at some other services? After a scenic route and a few detours we got to the TA barracks in the end. 329 miles...
  5. Get them while there hot

    Guinness-Blaze-At-Dublin-Drinks-Giant-Factory Oh dear, Nothing worse than warm Guinness
  6. tested TA700 with Straight Through pipe

    My local dealer has fitted a straight through pipe onto his demo TA700, removing the Cat leaving a big gap under the bike, asked me to test run it today for comparison. Got to get one of these once I know what his MPG is like. Throttle response is better especially low down, flat spot at...
  7. TLD 2010 & Beyond, Some thoughts....

    The Longest Day
    I can’t wait for TLD 2009 to start, what an excellent thing it is. Getting a load of Bikers (Capital B on Bikers because we are the chosen few) to do what they love, ride their bikes and at the same time do something memorable and raise money for charity. Simple and very commendable, whoever it...
  8. Just Lovely ...

    ... kids in bed, wife at work, there's been a downpour a few minutes ago that dropped the stiffeling temperature a tad and you can smell the honeysuckle all over the garden. The garden is cackling as it soaks up the rain, and I'm sat here chatting to my imaginary friends with a nice pint of...
  9. Intermot

    Anyone else going, last time round it was still warm enough to sit outside and get leathered in Köln, just leave the Kölsch beer, it sucks. we headed straight to the Irish bar and had a fine drop o Guinness. Oh and did I mention a couple of trade stands were in a hall somewhere
  10. I've just worked it out to beat Chad

    with nothing better to do at this stage in the day .... iI've just worked out that if i want to overtake Chad in the 'posting' stakes then assuming i can add 1 meaningful post per minute then allowing 5 mins rest each hour and 2 hrs sleep every 24hrs (as per the Guinness book of record rules...
  11. The Longest Day - view from near the back!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Oh, where to start? The day? The planning? The charity? I don’t know, so I guess I’ll do the “whole weekend” and stick any references to planning, charity, support etc in where they seem to fit. I’m also going to stick the lessons I’ve learned in with the text too, hindsight being such a...
  12. I'm off for a few days

    ... to Ireland :D . I will of course have a pint of 'real' guinness to toast all your good health :thumbup: :D .... and looking forward to comming back to check the post for me xrv stickers :cool: :D
  13. Auction...

    For Auction, The Guinness Giant book of Corny Jokes... Well used by myself (And obviously an invaluable aid memoir for a good many other forum members... :D ) Come on, give an old joke a home! :rolleyes:
  14. New Stella 2007 thread

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Getting bogged down hunting around the current Stella thread so I'll start a new one! 6 of us (Me, Boboneleg +4) will be there on Saturday night at the La Larici hotel (check their website). We normally have a pizza in the little resturant (has a downstairs as well) half way up the Via Medail...
  15. Weight Issues... & Apologies

    Africa Twin
    Firstly an apology... It seems all I do is post questions to this Forum... Double edge sword im afraid... On one side I don't want to appear like a 'Pest' (Please tell me if im over doing my welcome, but I promise to get to the next national meet and buy you all beer, if I'm in the country...
  16. Buttermere Revisited...THE FULL SP

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Thursday morning... Off I go to collect my bike from the local shop, that was supposed to have done the head race bearings. They hadnt done the job.. Bearing on back order. The bearings are not bad by any means. Get back home and start loading bike up. Then the delays start..... The new...
  17. I have a knife and I know how to use it..actually I dont!!

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys (generic term) I have a suspicion this has been discussed here before but can someone please tell me which wire of the three, coming out of the ignition, to cut so I can wire in the live feed of my heated grips to the ignition. phoenix oh yes book the ferry and get over here for our wee...