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  1. Skinflint heated jacket

    Bodgers Corner
    Jesus wept, talk about not seeing the wood for the trees..... I've been looking for a heated jacket type of thing & figured there must be a cheaper way than the ~£150 bespoke stuff. Take one of these; A few of these; Can you see where this is going..... End up with this; It works an...
  2. Africa Twin difficult to start after being stopped for more than two or three days

    Africa Twin
    Dear friends, My 91 RD04 AT is difficult to start after being stopped for more than two or three days. Sometimes I exhaust all the juice from the battery cranking the starting motor, in a effort that, sometimes takes more than five minutes. After starting, the engine behaves normally and after...
  3. Who Knows About the XLR125?

    I got me one of these: Now I wasnt expecting much but there really isnt much power at all! Bizarrely there is a bit of torque and it will "torque" its way up a reasonably steep hill off-road in 2nd but there just doesnt seem to be any midrange, and you have to rev the nads off it in a...
  4. 2000 XR400RY 800 miles - some day one shots...

    Evening, Thorough wash and degrease today to have a good look over and here we go. Delighted. All I can find is the guts of the spark arrestor missing and one screw, that to locate/retain the speedo cable in the front wheel missing - maybe not replaced at last service. I'm very pleased. Stuart
  5. After 13 years in a shed the clutch is stuck (I think)

    Mechanical Advice
    Earlier in the summer (remember that?) I finally did the "buy an old Honda off ebay" thing and ended up with a CD250 that has been standing for the last 13 years. Got it home (in the back of the Forester!) and finally started to look at what I'd got for my £260.90 Actually, it was in pretty...
  6. need 2 buy a bike next month -any recommendations ?

    hi everyone the above says it really , im looking to buy a bike and cant make my mind about which one . i have thought about a newish transalp - and few others beside. i want a bike thats not to bad on the rough stuff ( trails etc- for morocco) , but also will cruise at 70-80 on a motorway...
  7. Where to start with a "barn find" Honda 250?

    Mechanical Advice
    So... I managed to get hold of an 80s CD250u that's been in a garage since the 90s, possibly the late 80s. The plan is to learn a bit about engines and see if I can bring it back to life - for as little as possible. I am collecting it over Easter and am drawing up my plan of action - but...