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  1. For Sale: 3 tyoes of Thule roof bar feet thingummies: Mk1 Mondeo; gutter fittings; round bars

    For Sale / Wanted
    3 types of Thule roof bar feet thingummies: Mk1 Mondeo; gutter fittings; round bars I have 3 different sets of Thule roof bar feet thingummies that have been unused for 6+ years so having a clearout. I am not selling the bars themselves, just the fittings. Each set is four feet. I think £15...
  2. Tyre maintenance

    I was having lunch the other day and sat down on the gutter beside my bike in the sun to eat lunch.. Just happened to look at the front tyre and realised it had some cracks in it. Firstly from most of the tread blocks towards the centre of the tyre, but also around the circumference of the...
  3. Water tortue . . or Scotland summer time

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    All started well with an overcast sky but dry roads. Met up with a man with a big 1150GSA in Aviemore some 50 dry miles later. Then it all got a lot soggy for quite some time. Within 12 miles of leaving Aviemore we were hiding under a road bridge cos the sky had fallen – that’s what it felt...
  4. just thought I'd say helloooooooo peeps

    helloooooooooooooooo peeps! thats it really! :D Another sproglet on the way end of july by the way. :o eek how did that happen? well actually I know that bit, before we spiral into the gutter!........but even so.................. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
  5. Range Rover driver sues police ...

    I couldn't believe this when I read it... WalesOnline - News - Wales News - Stroke man to sue police for £100k for stress after attack on his car The usual anti-police mob are up in arms about this of course - but they seem to be ignoring some pretty obvious issues when siding with this 70...
  6. Crash report and request for parts.

    Africa Twin
    Well, finally had my first big off. Thought the forum might be interested, In heavy traffic in Dundee, following a RAV4 too closely I reckon at about 30mph, in pretty heavy rain. Look left at a broken down car. At that moment, the RAV4 brakes suddenly due to a car having broken down ahead...
  7. Lack of respect

    Over the past few months I have borrowed my partners learner bike (YBR 125) every now and again, and I've probably done 200 miles or so on it. And you know what, the way learner riders are treated by other motorist is appalling. I've probably seen more sh!te driving and acts of aggression in...
  8. Stickers

    Some if I remember had stickers remade, the biggest gutter for me changing bikes is losing my stickers. Anybody help me out to get a new one for the new bike:(
  9. Black Hawk Down

    Well... A couple of weeks back I was out for a very gentle "confidence building" ride-out on the Vara, with my newly CBT'd girlfriend following on behind on her little Yamaha SR125. It was maybe the 3rd or 4th time we'd been out together since she'd had the little bike, and she really needed a...
  10. Hit & Run (Wednesday 26-09-07)

    Got knocked off my @ on wednesday 08:50 hrs by a 10 ton lorry, Driver did'nt stop, but a young lad noted the registration of the lorry & gave it to the Ambulance man who then passed it on to the police before putting me in the ambulance (the lad did not hang around to give his name & address...