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  1. 20mm handlebars

    Hi my Transalp Xl650 V6 needs new handlebars after a bit of an argument with the road. It has 20mm bars. Can you fit 22mm bars as they are far more commonand cheaper?
  2. XL 700 starting troubles

    Hello folks, I had an intermittent fault with my 700 for months now. Sometimes it would't start and then sometimes engine would cut out when handlebars were turned to the right. Yesterday I decided to have a proper look and after looking for frayed wires or something out of ordinary I pulled on...
  3. Bike shudders going through gears

    Dominator / FMX
    I am noticing a pretty strong shudder when accelerating particularly from 2nd to 3rd,recently fitted new michelin annakee3, brake pads, chain, sprocket,handlebars,not sure if the bike did it before,it just doesnt seem to be as smooth through the gears as before,the front tyre was not fitted to...
  4. Transalp 700 handlebars.

    On longer rides, especially when loaded up, I find that my arms sometimes start acheing. I'm thinking of trying some higher bars. Any recommendations and do they affect the handling etc of the bike? Also what if any modifications will be needed to the controls etc? Thanks for any answers. Nick...
  5. Steering 'wobble'

    Hi all, me again. If I'm riding my other bike, Pan European St1100 I can take my hands off the handlebars at any speed and its as smooth as silk. On the XL650 there is a very obvious wobble at around 40mph. It's not there at all if I'm holding the bars even with one hand but take both ands off...
  6. removing heated grips

    I want to change the handlebars on my xl700 as the bend on the standard bars does not suit me. the throttle side is easy as it comes of with the tube.the clutch side has to come off to remove the clutch perch. it is very well glued !! any tips on removal without destroying it ? not sure if...
  7. XR400 Q's about handlebars, Barkbusters, Sprokets, Rear rack.........etc

    Hi there. Well here she is my new XR400, sporting the long range tank that will hopefully make her much more useable on a long trip. However I do have some questions and this place is always so good for such matters. Handlebars.....what size are they? I want to fit a new pair and I'm sure back...
  8. Spotlights come MOT time.

    Hello All! I'm sure the collective fountain of knowledge here will be able to help me. I have one (possible) immediate dilemma and then one I just want to fix... Possible Immediate Dilemma... The Givi Spotlights mounted on my anti crash bars have for whatever reason decided to no longer work...
  9. Backlash in the BRIDGE COMP FORK TOP.

    Africa Twin
    If you hold the handlebars and rocking back and forth is loose in the rubber that sits between. Is this common in XRV? it is possible to replace the rubber?
  10. My Africa Twin build

    Africa Twin
    Hi! My name is Miklós, and I'm an addict. I'm addicted to doing stuff with my bike. I've owned her for little over 2 years now, and I can honestly say that I've almost enjoyed working on her more, than riding her. New member here. I thought I'd start by posting some things about my bike. I...
  11. Swap: honda cb 500

    XRV Swap Shop
    hi I have a 1999 Honda cb 500 in nice condition with new disc pads, all new wheel bearings, new fork seals with oil, renetek rear rack ,chrome engine bars, renthal handlebars, and with an mot till 11/7/ also has a delkevic stainless road legal silencer with baffle, the new owner will also...
  12. Head shake. The answer?

    Like many Alp owners Ive found that at low speeds, 25-40 mph, that if you take your hands off the handlebars they start to shake quiet a bit. Yes of coarse you shouldnt but-----. Even changing to different tyres didnt make much of a difference. A few weeks ago I was messing about with the...
  13. varadero 125 handlebars

    Hello, New to the forum! I would like to know if the handlebars of a Varadero 125(2001-2006) are the same as the handlebars of a XL650V TA? The bars on my Varadero are bent and I can get a good deal on a TA handlebars.I'm worried that they might be too big and hit the plastics or the tank at...
  14. For Sale: RD07 Africa Twin Bits

    For Sale / Wanted
    Apologies, accidental repost. Here's original...
  15. For Sale: RD07 Africa Twin Bits

    For Sale / Wanted
    Lots of bits cluttering the shed that may be useful to someone... RD07 Green/Purple tank (slight dents but fully usable) RD07 Green/Purple front cowling 2x Fork Legs Front brake callipers Front discs 1x Front Axle & Nut Front nearside mirror (need to check) Speedo & tacho assembly White front...
  16. dominator for sale

    Dominator / FMX
    I have decided to sell my dominator and thought I would mention it here before advertising it . 2000 model with 4 previous keepers , 15500 miles , mot July ,new chain , sprockets,brake pads , rear wheel bearings .fork and shock springs replaced and suspension overhauled before I bought it last...
  17. Auxilliary Power for Transalp 700VA (2010)

    PHOTOS NOW PROPERLY UPLOADED :) I have finally fitted the Fuzeblock 6 way fuse box. With the seat off there is an obvious spot to locate the Fuzeblock but the lug that locates the front of the seat passes over and close to the centre of the space. After some trial and error a location slightly...
  18. Handlebars question

    Africa Twin
    My bars have been painted black, badly, I was wondering what aftermarket bars will fit in gold, any specific bend or rise I need? Anyone got any model no's?
  19. Chokes seem to have seized.

    Africa Twin
    They have been working fine since I had the bike and have been using it most days for work. It has been stood under a cover for a week unused and the choke lever is barely moveable, maybe a few mm. I have splurged WD40 on it at the handlebars end. it feels well stuck as though the cable is...
  20. RD04 handlebar wobble + choke question

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, I have a question regarding two issues that have been alive for a while now on my bike. When I bought her the forks were a bit twisted (it was crashed) and I found a specialist that straightened them + I upgraded to progressive springs. The thing is, from the beginning I have been...