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  1. RD08 Dommie & M-unit wiring

    Dominator / FMX
    Im just about to start wiring my dommie project. I have created a wiring diagram, and was hoping someone could give it a quick look over and give me feedback on any mistakes. Also thought it may be handy for other people to use, (if its correct)
  2. Bike volt meter.

    Ive fitted a gammatronix volt meter today of ebay £14.95,easy to fit as this model is designed to connect to the battery to get the best out of it.ive fitted these to bikes before and found them to be handy.
  3. Talk me out of it!

    Africa Twin
    There's a lovely 2004 ducati multistrada 1000 for sale here for very handy money, I'm very tempted by it to be honest. I know if I sell the twin I'll regret it so can you help me out by dissuading me?
  4. online motorcycle repair course

    Mechanical Advice
    handy bit of reading hear to help fettle your motorcycle dam it I cant copy and paste a link hopefully that will work worth saving to favourites under a catchy name like " HOT BABES WITH HUGE BOOBS " that will get your attention unless of course you...
  5. For Sale: Loads of usefull spares honda nx650 rd02

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have been asked by senior management to reduce by half my "keep in handy just in case spares" 07925117222 ask i nmay have it
  6. dominator acerbis tank. whats it worth?

    Dominator / FMX
    been put in touch with someone who as an acerbis 22l tank for a dominator. he's asking 100 euros. i dont think i will ever need one but could be handy to have. you never know. whats the going rate of one of those now a days. is 100 euros a good price? thanks . mark
  7. Dominator outsize fuel tank - options?

    Dominator / FMX
    Planning a trip on the Dommie next year and a bigger nfuel tank would be handy. What are my options?
  8. Handy tip for removal of clutch drum nut

    How to.....
    I tried finding an old sprocket - not luck. I went through my spanners and thanks to my late granddad whose tools I kept I had a 9/16th whitworth ring spanner. Put it into gear and this turns the drive shaft but I had no way of locking it. A 9/16 Whitworth ring spanner fits the drive shaft...
  9. Handy on Salisbury Plain?

    Check out The Bladder Buddy...