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  1. Wanted: Exhaust Hanger bracket

    For Sale / Wanted
    Can anyone help with an muffler/ Silencer hanger bracket for a 2000 XRV 750. Part No: 18360 MAY 620
  2. wheres wally very easy version : )

    Transalp hears an old girl I would love an old friend from years ago that I haven't even seen since 89 rode with a 1% club in the late 70 he had one of these with ape hanger bars at the time . very interesting bloke to chat with very mechanically minded used...
  3. Brake caliper bolts - sourcing and repalce or reuse

    Africa Twin Technical Specs
    Hola. I hope this isn't too much of a newbie question but... I had a bit of a weird rattle coming from the front end whilst braking on cobble and, on checking, one of my caliper bolts (on my RD04) has gone AWOL So, my first question - It's these things right? OEM Honda Flange Bolt 8X40...
  4. Wanted: Front lower (right side) engine Hanger

    For Sale / Wanted
    hi.. anybody have a front right , lower engine hanger bracket? Honda Part number - 50180MY1000ZA number 7 in this image ta iain
  5. eBay: O/S rear footpeg hanger

    eBay - Africa Twin
    Rare item to get hold of.
  6. Wanted: RD07 Right passanger footpeg hanger bracket

    What's it worth?
    Hi All, Anybody have one hanging around the garage waiting for a new owner? I live in Tanzania, East Africa, not Tasmania, South of Oz!! Can you believe stuff I have ordered has headed in that direction!;) Anyway, will you be willing to post?:) Cheers Steve
  7. Threadlock or not?

    Gear pedal pivot bolt sheered this morn, on the M60 - which was nice! I changed gear by hand and limped the last couple of miles Anyway, Hunts had one and every bolt on the hanger cracked immediately making removal of the snapped stud a doddle. It literally turned itself out, drilling from...
  8. Wanted: Varadero 125 right leg foot peg hanger

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hey all if anyone is breaking a 125 Varadero im after: Right leg (throttle side)...... 1) Foot rest hanger 2) Back brake lever 3) Footpeg. Let me know if you have any of these, or if you know anyone who is breaking one i can ask. Thanks
  9. For Sale: XL600R Footpegs and hangers

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, trying to clear the man cave a bit and have these rear footpeg hangers from my old XL600R on an A plate, tatty but solid. £25 posted UK.
  10. Exhaust removal problem

    Hello folks I'm having trouble getting exhaust off as it has a hole in it and needs replacing. Problem is piping is corroded that fits onto next section is behind the hanger so I cannot get to it to knock it upward and out. Any ideas on how to get it out without having to take hanger off?
  11. Remus Grand Prix - Hanger

    Africa Twin
    Hi there, any idea where I might get the hanger bracket from a Remus Grand Prix exhaust? I've a look online and found nothing. Thanks
  12. For Sale: For Sale Africa Twin Parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi everyone i have for Sale a Bagster Tank cover "Code 1245R" Like New £45,Also a Honda Africa Twin Gear Lever £10, 1 set of Front brake pads for a 2003 650 Transalp V3 "one side L FR PART NUMBER 06455-MCB-612 "May fit later models",1 Calliper Hanger Bracket Nissin 9D3 MY1R £5.All items + Half...
  13. Wanted: wanted RD07 rear foot peg hanger (exhaust side)

    For Sale / Wanted
    I had an off and snapped my rear foot peg hanger off so now need one for a RD 07 :thumbright:
  14. Wanted: 1996 RD07A , o/s rear foot peg & front instriment / fairing cage.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Im after a O/S rear footpeg / hanger and the cage that supports the clocks and the front fairing .... mines bent just about everywere not much but enough to make it a pain in the butt to re-align Anybody :thumbup:
  15. Centre Stand Spring Hanger Popped Off

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone had theirs pop off? I did a long ride (1200 mile straight shot) and when I put it up the hanger that the springs attach to popped off the little nub it rattles around on w/springs still attached. I was wondering if that would ever happen when I put it on and thought it seemed like a...
  16. Sold: Quill Silencer

    For Sale / Wanted
    This is a Quill Evo 2 stainless steel oval silencer. It is road legal with removable baffle and comes with the hanger bracket. You will need a link pipe to fit this to your bike. It came off my RD07a but will fit many bikes with the correct link pipe. . £65 plus P&P
  17. rear brake hanger question

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, just after a bit of model info, is the rear brake hanger the same for a 93 as it is on a 01 @?
  18. Finally....

    I have got the swingarm back on my bike. :D Taken a while as I've had to wait for bits from David Silver's (not their fault) and, as is usual, had other things to do. Still a load of ancillary bits to go back on (like the entire exhaust! You cannot undo the bottom linkage bolt with the...
  19. Found the problem

    I posted yesterday about my brake caliber, it turned out I broke the caliber hanger with the disc lock.. Disc lock now in the bin.
  20. Fifth Welsh Invasion Feb. 17/18/19 th 2012

    Welsh Invasion
    FINAL LIST MOM and Sian.............................................. .................................................. ...........paid Sharri and J Craig (Win XP)............................................... .................................................. .........paid Russ...