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  1. RD03 rpm per mph?

    Africa Twin
    Happily cruising at 75 today wondering how many rpms I'm doing. Haven't had a rev counter for a while and can't remember what it used to be, anyone know roughly how many rpms a RD03 would be doing at say 60, 70 and 80 in 5th? Cheers
  2. Wanted: Brake Caliper XL600

    For Sale / Wanted
    Am looking for a front brake caliper for a XL600 LMF. Have measured the bracket holes and they are 110 mm center to center. I have measured off my Transalp and reckon a transalp 600 caliper may well fit it. Don't want to start taking the Transalp apart to check. If anyone has one lying about I...
  3. Bump stops for WP fork conversion

    Africa Twin
    Hi, New front end is in the bike (48mm WP). Anyone got any solution to the lack of bump stops? If anyone has made anything up to solve this, i'll happily pay you for another one... :toothy10: Otherwise advice is more than welcome... Cheers Slidey
  4. Stow on the Wold bike meet?

    I was thinking of heading up to Stow on the wold this wednesday evening for a bike meet I have heard about. Has anyone been before, is it worth a trip up from Bristol? Any info happily recieved. Cheers Andy
  5. Hydraulic oil story ends happily

    Dear All, You may recall my post a while back in which I mentioned how I came off my TA on the M23 when I drove through some hydraulic oil that a lorry was leaking. Thanks to the Police and the Highways Agency, the lorry company did not contest my claim and they coughed up the £800 to repair...