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  1. Wanted: Garmin zumo 660 cradle harness and bits to attach to bars

    For Sale / Wanted
    As it says in the title, have two bikes, one fully kitted with satnav zumo 660, would like to use it on my AT. Anybody got the parts I need, for sale. Getting difficult to find them in the shops Thanks UK address or Irl address for Irl seller:nike:
  2. Wanted: XR650L Wiring Harness

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Does anyone have a wiring loom from a XR650L for sale? Condition not important as it will likely be modified anyway so the cheaper the better, I'm just looking for a decent starting point.
  3. RD 07 CDI Unit Cushion - Rubber mounting bracket

    Africa Twin
    Hello People, A mouse some how got into the left side fairing area and chewed up the entire CDI rubber mounting bracket and a few wires...beyond use now. I am trying to source this rubber bracket. Honda refers to it as - CUSHION CDI UNIT Product number: 30401MY1631 Item no: 1 shown in the...
  4. Honda XL125 (1978) How much is it worth

    What's it worth?
    Hi, do any of you guys have any idea what a 1978 Orange tank black side panels Honda XL125 is worth at all please. She has seen a lot of better days, bit scruffy and in need of quite a few parts inc wiring harness and silencer. Got a dink in the tank too. Got a list of about 30 bits to find...
  5. No spark at coils

    Africa Twin
    HI I connected all my wiring harness last night and put a battery in and the old girl actually turned over when i pushed the "GO" button, Happy days. I've been poking round with a test light and noticed there is no power getting to the wire's that connect to the coil's.I don't have a fuel cut...
  6. fuel relay location

    Hi I was looking for the fuel cut off relay on my 2004 TA as I'm missing the one off my AT wiring harness and wondered if this will work? trying to get things sorted so i can crank it over..Cheers
  7. Piggy back to the Pyrenees.

    After a bit of a stressful few days we finally made it to Gavarnie. 5th gear on the motorhome gave up the ghost. Here's a couple o piccys. Dont blame me for the colour of the harness as it was picked out by the good lady Bill. Nick. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  8. Help needed Japanese RD03!

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, I would really appreciate the help of some experts! My headlight setup and harness is the same as in the picture below. I can't find the headlight relays? It's H4 bulbs so I would assume that a relay is required? The only three relay I can find (either by connections available on my...
  9. Wiring harness and speedo/tach not compatible....q

    Africa Twin
    I am in the slow process of a complete rebuild and looking for some help. I found a new harness on eBay and was able to get some used Speedo and Tach assemblies from Hamart. It appears as though the wiring is incompatible as the wiring connectors are both male.... Anyone have any advice?
  10. difference between 125s and 185 flywheel and stator

    Building a hybrid engine with an Atc200 top end Xl185 crank and 125r gearbox and cases. I have been told 125 and 185 stators are different but will a mix work with the original 125s harness.
  11. For Sale: FS: Touratech/Kahedo expandable tank bag

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale is my Touratech branded Kahedo tank bag, it has a shaped semi rigid base to fit curved top tanks, a large A4 map pocket which is velcro'd do detachable, extendable by a couple of inches, has a couple of pockets & side bungees etc. It IS NOT magnetic, I've successfully attached it to the...
  12. can anyone tell me what this wiring harness is from

    Dominator / FMX
    I have tried in vain to identify this loom cannot find any Honda reference can you help? "my2a" I think is the model number
  13. help to identify this wiring loom

    Dominator / FMX
    Good day people I have a spare wiring harness I thought it was for a Dominator alas not. it has a white identity number 2100 -MY-2A-6107 1J...
  14. 2 part question

    Dominator / FMX
    hipeeps I have just bought a complete loom/wiring harness for my dommie project however when it arrived ,although looking similar it is obviously not for a dommie it is prefixed on the loom on the white sticker MY2A is this an SLR/FMX Loom if so will it fit? I thought dommies were mn9 is that...
  15. Wanted: RD03/4 standard rear brake line

    For Sale / Wanted
    Folks I'm after a standard Honda rear brake line for an RD04 (I reckon an RD03 one will fit as well) It's the brake line that goes between the master cylinder and the rear caliper I want please. I have a scabby braided stainless one on my bike (previous owner fitted it) and I'd prefer the...
  16. Wanted: Africa Twin H4 headlamp harness

    For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted: Has anyone got the small wiring harness that connects to the rear of both H4 headlamp bulbs and has a multiconnector at the other end?? Ideally it has to be from an RD04, but I'll check to see if it's the same on the RD07 / 7a If you have one laying around you're unlikely to need...
  17. Mosfet Reg question

    Africa Twin
    Hi Just got myself the Mosfet upgrade from the states and harness from Eastern Beaver, question is the connection to the alternator with the three yellow wires has a white plastic connector similar to the original, is it worthwhile me bypassing this and just hardwiring the connection ? Thanks...
  18. Paragliding

    Does any one here fly?? Whilst away I took a course and I'm hooked, I want more experience though before I fork out and buy harness and glider. Just wondered if any one here flew "Ride out Fly out" seems a great combination
  19. xr 125 going back/recalled for repair

    i have a fault on my bike where it cuts out and drains my battery if and when it wants .. so i looked on here and other sites for a solution and seen that bikes from new got recalled due to a dodgey wiring harness or something along them lines so i looked on vosa's website and seen that mine was...
  20. Fuel pump works, but doesn't pump fuel?!

    Africa Twin
    Ok, another hour, another mystery. The original fuel pump on my RD03 works just fine when I connect it directly to the battery. It successfully pumps fuel right into the carbs just like it should. Nice! But when I plug it into the wiring harness, it does not work. What could keep the pump from...