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  1. How to take tank off 700 transalp

    All being well i will put new plugs and clean air filter in tomorrow,hows the tank come off? I bit of advice would be great as manual hasnt arived yet,cheers.
  2. Africa Twin Vid

    Africa Twin
    Came across this today. Not sure if its been posted already but in case it hasn't.
  3. Centre Stand Bolt

    Hi Folks, does anyone know the dimensions of the centre stand main bolt, length and diameter. I've purchased one (ebay) which hasn't got it with it. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hello....Again...

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Evening all, first post in 4 years! Used to have a 92 Dommy last time I was on here and now am looking at getting a Transalp. Having read a few of the threads it's good to see the place hasn't changed :thumbright:
  5. Dawn to Dusk SAT/SUN 24/25 Aug.

    Time to play in Walters Arena again. Hasn't the year flown? I'm out to play on the Afri-Alp, night race, 7pm to 5am. Big dome shelter in the pits, if anyone's around pop in and say hi!! :blob::-D
  6. What was in Santa's sack for you ?

    Thought I'd start this one early ! I've no idea yet as Santa hasn't been yet but he's on his way, look at Google Maps He's nearing Fiji at the moment "Hurrah !"
  7. Free: Does this forum still work?

    eBay - Africa Twin
    Or does the RSS need a kick up the RRS? Reason I ask is that there hasn't been anything new added for yoinks
  8. Which bars?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, My love for my @ hasnt dwindled and I want to lavish cash on it and get some crashbars. But which ones? I like the RuggedRoad bars, but the Fehling bars seem to cover more fairing, the Dessert bars look cool, SWs look alright..... What have you got and what would you recommend??? Too...
  9. 50,000 miles

    on my 1050 tiger! after the recent problems it's running like a dream and in 3000 miles it hasnt used a drop of oil. still looking like new.:toothy7:
  10. Ride-on tyre sealant

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Although I'm tempted to get some tyre levers and carry a spare tube for my upcoming camping trip, I've never needed to replace a tube or tyre yet and not so confident of my ability to break the bead and sort it all out on the roadside. I'll probably give this a try myself when it comes to...
  11. Engine knock when cold. TA650 '00 (X)

    Hi, when my engine cold, it knocks. Not a rattle, but a metalic knock. As soon as engine warm, ie temp gauge moves slightly it goes. Was hoping new oil would quieten it but no, it hasnt. Im dreading the thought of a big-end bearing going. Could just be piston-slap tho. Any comments or...
  12. Not a good first ride

    Just woken up after a disasterous first ride in ages. Been tidying up my @T for months and after much fiddling finally managed to get my headlights sorted and scottoiler fitted (last things on my list) a few days ago so at 2:30am thismorning decided to go for a ride when there was no traffic...
  13. Faith in my dominator? i journey round france

    Dominator / FMX
    hi all, :happy7: me and my friends are going touring round france end of april:toothy2:. my friends are on cbr600's, im on my 1989 dommie. haven't had the bike for long, my last dommie i found the whole engine was killed :angel1: due to previous owner overheating and bodging the engine back...
  14. Shame :((

    It looks like my dream of his'n'hers Alps for me & the missus is out the window:( Soo had a try on the Alp & there's no way she can get away with the seat height (even with the seat lowering kit it wouldn't be enough). Someone said check out the new BM F650 which has a seat AND suspension...
  15. Help

    Africa Twin
    I put my keys in the igniton today and turned them and nothing happened?!?!?!? Haven't a clue whats wrong as it hasn't done this before. I checked the connections to the battery and changed the ignition fuse but still nothing at all. Anyone any ideas?
  16. Facet fuel pump failure!!

    Africa Twin
    Would you believe it? :( My all singing Facet fuel pump has gone & died on me.. The bike hasn't felt 100% for a few weeks, especially under hard acceleration but Saturday it just went VERY quiet. It actually ran every 3/4 minutes for about 10-12 seconds but with no power. Pushed the bike...
  17. Uncomfortable seat

    Having just sold my 04 plate TTR250, i immediately went out and got my XR400. The XR i feel is a better bike all round except obviously for the lack of electric start, but i am getting the knack of the kick start proceedure now, however the one real area where it fails to beat the TTr is...
  18. Transalps ABS to AT

    Africa Twin
    Do you think it would be possible to install ABS components from the transalp into the AT. There has to be someone out there who tried to fit ABS, hasn't there.
  19. Aiming headlights

    Africa Twin
    Apologies in advance if this is the mother of all dumb questions. I did a search and found some pointers about aiming headlights but after trying to do it last night I'm still a bit lost. The way I did it was to place the bike about 20 feet (also tried about 15 feet, and 10 feet - everywhere I...
  20. who else has had this bad cold

    Mine started 2 weeks ago - bit of a sore throat, then the sniffles, then a temperature, then a persistent cough that still hasn't gone and more snot than I thought imaginable. Our whole house has it, 1/2 the office was off last week with it, I managed to give to my mum, brother and...