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  1. Anyone had their Tripmaster speed upgraded by Joerg Hau in switzerland ?

    Africa Twin
    Ive found this man in Switzerland who do upgrades and repairs of the Tripmaster (RD04-RD07-RD07A) One of the upgrades is a hidden speed display that he kan activate + he makes a voltmeter mod Has anyone tried this service ? Please see link: Joergs Motorcycle Pages: Honda Africa Twin Cheers...
  2. Circuit of Ireland Iron Butts

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Myself and Serious3 recently did the Circuit of Ireland Iron Butts challenge. Left Clifden, on the west coast on a bright sunny morning and headed for Letterkenny in Donegal. Had a quick break then across to Ballycastle for another stop, then headed on the longest leg, all the way down to...
  3. The "NOT" Trip to Kirkby Stephen

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Seeing as the forecast for further south, where I was supposed to be heading for a rally, was absolutely dire for a weekend under canvas, I bottled it and stayed north . . . . . . where there was a little less rain forecast. As I had the day off and a bike fully fuelled, I thought a ride was in...
  4. Pete, ever wanted an HPN?

    Here's a HPN replica for sale near your old haunt in ze Fatherland, bargain, only 120 euro. :mrgreen: R100GS PD in Bodenheim | eBay
  5. For Sale: Pendle tow bar mounted bicycle carrier

    For Sale / Wanted
    Unused for 10+ years this is pretty much the same as the current model (google it). It is in 3 parts: a bracket that fits beteen your car's towing bracket and the tow ball. This is a permanent fitment and includes the longer bolts needed to fit the bracket. The two other parts are removeable...
  6. Bristol Motorcycle Show - FREE & Gromit Unleashed

    The free Bristol Motorcycle show is on Saturday 17 August just off the Centre, see - The Bristol Bike Show tends to be custom biased but generally worth a visit. if partners/family/you bored with bikes do some Gromits Gromit Unleashed | Trail many within a short distance of the show. Just done...
  7. Transalp 700 rear spring change from stock to Hyperpro.

    Here's the thing..... Having put on a few pounds the transalp seems to sit on its haunches a bit with my 15 stone giving it grief And I'm wondering is putting a progressive spring on going to assist with levelling the sag. I've preloaded to the degree where it's as solid as a rock and feels...
  8. The Varadero is gone!

    Just to keep you  all up to date, I've sold my Mighty Varadero VA9 today. :(<BR><BR>After four yrs of ownership I decided to let the bike go. It has been replaced by the VFR1200X Crosstourer which in my eyes is the logical replacement for the Varadero.<BR>The Varadero was a superb bike for two...
  9. What?? Now my mechanic says ...

    Africa Twin
    ... that the generator coil is screwed???? Does anyone know if one of these can fail slowly? The bike was still running when I drove it to the workshop. The thing is, I have a 2 LED voltmeter installed from Joerg Hau, which shows if the bike is undercharging or overcharging (to catch a...
  10. Not me for a change

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I was out playing with the new camera (yes it arrived) and my son came with me for a play on the XR. First up a disused quarry. This is a really tight path through trees and he was getting a bit ahead of himself and ended up in the bushes. Shame the new camera was pointing backwards at the...
  11. WARNING! NOT FOR THE CHILDREN. What to do with abusers?

    I have spent the day reading cases and have come across the case of the little girl who died of starvation in Birmingham three years ago. I know that several of my forum chums will say "KILL THE PERPETRATORS!" and "HANGING'S TOO GOOD FOR THEM!", but I thought I would post something that...
  12. North Wales, rain or shine

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    We deposited Caitie M with the mother-in-law on Friday night with the plan of an early start up to North Wales for th weekend. With a quick 20 minutes up the M4 to Cardiff we headed up the A470 towards the Brecon Beacons, the day started out a little damp but as we hit the 470 it began to...
  13. TDF 2011 ride

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Im hopefully going to the TDF this year on the bike again, just a quick trip to the Alps I hope, tent on board as its so bleeding expensive any other way. The race goes over the Galibier and I remember this craicin track going up another valley on the north ascent which I thought would be fun...
  14. a great biker meet removed from the map.

    I was very sad to hear that one of my favourite biker haunts was to close it's doors to the many and varied bikers that used to meet there every tuesday night.(lord stones - carlton bank)
  15. Haute Cuisine, Glasgow style!!

    The Munchy Box! Read and weep..... :) And for dessert, deep fried Mars bar?:blob:
  16. 4th Welsh Invasion 2011. 25th/26th/27th Feb.

    Welsh Invasion
    Well do we want to stay in our traditional haunt in Pembroke Dock or look for somewhere else?
  17. Chicken Tika sausages with Masala mash

    My local Indian restaurant (very posh not a post-pub drunkard's haunt) has just issued this invite for St George's day. The food made me laugh:
  18. Fundraising and misc. questions.

    The Longest Day
    I had a look and this time last year we had raised twice as much money by now as we have this year. That's not necessarily a bad thing as obviously the just giving website doesnt reflect moneys raised off the site on sponsorship forms etc. but it got me wondering (and forgive me if this has...
  19. First French bimble

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Well the date is set for the first "french chapter" ride out:angel9: The date...11th January The place... Hautefort In attendance... Wobblemonster PHILinFRANCE Jonnybgood+ If anyone wants to join us PM me for contact details Seeing as PiF is riding...
  20. old haunts

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    sorry about image quality, madame Moon had pinched the camera to take photo's of the kids... Whilst down at the outlaws last week I managed to get out for an hour for a spin around some of my old haunts. I rode from Louhans out towards the "revermont" hills which are the sourthen end of the...