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  1. RD03 rpm per mph?

    Africa Twin
    Happily cruising at 75 today wondering how many rpms I'm doing. Haven't had a rev counter for a while and can't remember what it used to be, anyone know roughly how many rpms a RD03 would be doing at say 60, 70 and 80 in 5th? Cheers
  2. Differences between '88 RD03 and '89 RD03

    Africa Twin
    I've looked for differences between RD03 my but I haven't found anything. I'm not talking about differences between countries, but differences between a 1988 RD03 and a 1989 RD03. From what I've seen, the 1989 RD03 doesn't have grese nipples on the rear swing arm and the front hub is...
  3. Air filter skin

    Africa Twin
    Did anyone try to use an air filter skin on RD03/04 air filters? By seraching on the forum I haven't found anything. Example:
  4. Thirteen Years Later

    Africa Twin
    Haven't been riding my bike much over the past few years, but summer's coming! New boots, new brakes. Now it's raining :(
  5. Transalp 650 Clock not working

    Hi I'm new to this site and was hoping someone may have a wiring diagram for the transalp. My clock stopped working and I haven't found that it was a common problem. Any help appreciated :(
  6. great bike chase cops and trialies

    enjoy not the usual so I though I would share it with you all :thumbup: and if you haven't seen Ronnie yet your in for a laugh
  7. Newbi

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi Guys! New to the site, haven't posted and introduced my self yet. Im Pete! Iv'e currently got a XRV650 and looking to improve the suspension sometime soon. Be sure to throw some ideas at me ;) Pete
  8. Mag wheels on a Transalp

    Hi Folks, just wondered ( I haven't searched so don't shout), if anyone has ever fit a set of cast wheels to the transalp (mine's a 650) and if so was it easy, straight swap, chop and change parts etc and what were they off ?. Just had to have the spokes tightened up on mine for M.O.T which...
  9. the-other-honda-africa-twin-video-that-actually-shows-something

    In case you haven't seen this... The Other Honda Africa Twin Video – That Actually Shows Something « – Motorcycle News, Editorials, Product Reviews and Bike Reviews
  10. Wrong (too low) tacho reading

    Africa Twin
    Hi! It seems my tacho is showing the RPM wrong. When idling at ~1000rpm, the tacho stays at 0 and just vibrates slightly. As soon as I open the throttle it moves upwards quickly, but doesn't catch up properly until around 4-5000 rpm. Any ideas what may be causing this? I think it's always been...
  11. dunlop trailsmarts

    Africa Twin
    any one running or tried the dunlop trailsmarts? currently running hiedenau k60's getting on good with them but i haven't done any offroad at all on them so i don't see the point in getting a new set.
  12. What size fuses for 650 TA?

    Hi all, I'm trying to buy some spare bits and pieces for a bike I haven't met yet. (meeting up with it in Germany in May). I don't have access to a TA here, can anyone tell me what size the blade fuses are? I think the standard size is referred to as a mini blade fuse. Thanks, Tom.
  13. Tapatalk for Android. is it good or a pain in the A...?

    Will I regret installing it? I'm using a Samsung galaxy S4 mini. is it truly useful? Some apps I've installed certainly haven't been.
  14. Electronics

    I'm trying to fix a volume control for a Creative speaker set and I need to replace the variable resistor. Anyone any idea where I can get this part from ? I've tried looking on the 'net, but so far i haven't found anything. Any help/suggestions gratefully received.
  15. 200, 000kms

    Clocked over 200, 000kms on my way to work this morning. Still haven't lost the love!
  16. Found: cheap @ c/stand, racks etc

    For Sale / Wanted
    haven't enquired about postage, but seems good prices Contact HD
  17. Trackers on the road

    Dominator / FMX
    well its almost finished , still havent decided on the paint yet but probably sticking with the Olive drab thats on the rear end . Handles well and a little bit more jetting to do and then its finished
  18. torque wrench recommendations

    This is probably in the wrong forum, but I haven't been around much lately... so it's not my fault :rolleyes: I've been getting by with a ridiculously over big torque wrench for ages, so could do with one in the right scale for the bike... recommendations anyone? Thanks :)
  19. BMF Show Peterborough - anyone going?

    we're thinking of going down to the BMF show in Peterborough next month (probably camping for the weekend) just wondered if anyone else was going and wanted to meet up, we've never been before so haven't a clue what it's like but it's a weekend away with bikes so got to be worth a visit :)
  20. Have bike will travel - 31 March

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I am going out on the bike next Sunday (31 March) and just wondered if anyone fancied meeting up. I haven't decided on a route but tend to ride in Essex/Herts/Befordshire but if anyone wanted to meet up I'm happy to travel to Kent/Surrey etc. :thumbright: