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  1. Where is my XR from.

    Hi Guys I just bought an XR last night but i dont know what spec it is and I thought some of you guys may be able to identify it. Looking at the chart above it does not belong in any of the categories because it has a glass headlight, switchgear for indicators but no evidence of...
  2. Christian the lion...

    If you havent seen it before.. Christian the lion was raised by humans in 1969 and then released into the wild. Watch the cat’s reaction when these people return to see him a year later..
  3. Clarke 3/8" Drive Reversible Torque Wrench

    Product Reviews
    After all the positive reviews I suppose its time for a negative one. I bought this low price (£16) torque wrench from Clarke tools at Machine Mart a year or so and while it doesn't get a huge amount of use, as I have a better one for the higher torque settings, it as still seen a fair bit of...
  4. Decisions and Choices....

    I have just ordered a new Transalp, but havent decided on the colour... The dealer has informed me I can take my pick when the bikes all turn up in April. Has anyone been offered a GT pack from their local Honda dealer when ordering their new bike or is the GT deal only available on the select...
  5. I'm Still Here

    Just had a e mail from your master asking me why i havent posted in a while welll..... i havent had a moment to myself since september, what with babies being born and businesses to keep going but yer.. i like it her and if its ok with you lot..i would like to stay even thoguh my trailie is...
  6. Weird CD's

    As part of operation ''do the house up before I kill you'' Ive been packing up cd's in boxes. It made me realise that I havent a clue what about a third of the cd's I own are on about. Its all Charlie Gillets fault. I listen to his programme on the World Service, hear a track I like, find...
  7. decals

    Dominator / FMX
    hi just joined your forum would like to know if you can get decals for a red 92 dommie,they are yellow into red with black shadow also where would you get the paint code as some plonker dropped it lightly then proceeded to touch up with ten shades darker paint .i have recently got a set of...
  8. Wake up call..............

    Africa Twin
    I thought I would write this while it was fresh in my mind. Just 30 minutes ago a man died while I was holding his hand. A fellow motorcyclist who probably just misjudged his entry speed into the first corner on the town side of Suikerbossie hill. This little misjudgement cost him his life. He...
  9. What about an XRV Bikesafe Day at the Ace

    I've just spoken to the Bikesafe London organisers - they're happy for the XRV riders to have a day for themselves with the Metropolitan Police Motorcycle Task Force :cool: (to give them their proper title) for assessment, advanced riding theory and a couple of practical rides - AND LUNCH !!! :D...
  10. weight of a FMX

    Dominator / FMX
    can anyone tell me the weight of a FMX please as a havent got a manual... an someone told me the CR wheels fit on the FMX would that be straight on wi mno probs or a bit o fiddlings....cheers John
  11. New bike

    Having just taken delivery of my new transalp, and an absense of 20 years of being on the road, I found the bike to be brilliant, why I havent had one before I don't know. I have also got my 17 year old son a 125 varedero and he loves it, only done 100 miles over Christmas, but good fun.
  12. My @ needs you!

    Africa Twin
    Between 1200 - 3000 revs, every 30 seconds to 2 minutes (it's not regular) the engine gives a hesitation, so brief it's like snapping your fingers and it's gone. It's as if it dies for a split second, then runs normally. It may happen at higher revs when running, but I dont notice it...
  13. Push or Pull throttle cable????

    Africa Twin
    Hi all Hopefully i will be off to Morocco in the new year to catch a few stages of the Dakar. I am getting together some spares and i am not sure if i need a Push throttle cable or a Pull one.I have been onto Wemotos site and they have the two of them there. My bike is a 2002 rd07.Any advice...
  14. Back in the saddle

    Africa Twin
    Hi every one . After buying a Twin this week 1991 40k on the clock havent even seen it . A momentary laps of reason . Im 36 settled with family and could fight the force no longer . Im going to be tormenting you all for the next while and look forward to updating you with my highs and lows. Its...
  15. GOOP?

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Afternoon all Has anyone ever used GOOP? You know the goo that you put inside your tyre tube in case you get small punctures? I bought some but havent yet put it in the tube... i keep hearing baaaad things about it, but it sounds quite a sensible idea for those of us who commute. Anyone had...
  16. Hello all

    Seems i havent been in for a while:D Anyway, never got round to getting an AT, stuck with my Triumphs and various trailies for muckin about in the mud. Thinks have changed this week though and im gonna be the proud owner of an XR400 on Monday. Well there ya go. First time i'll have owned a...
  17. who dont you like

    now everyone is at the meet, lets all talk about them behind their backs. I'll start Mcvicar rides a girls bike (I know you havent gone to the meet but just getting my revenge back for the comment you made about my bike):D:D:D:D
  18. ANOTHER New bike.....

    Sorry folks, another one bites the dust.... Oh, hang on, no I havent! Transalp No 4 (and a half....) :D. Perhaps I need to join 'transalps annonymous' I will be running Transrat along side the packhorse. Phil
  19. My first day off

    Since August 1st, it has been a really busy week with the new docs. Today is my first dayb off I have worked over 60 hours last week and 57 this week I am absolutely knackered and now after a little visit from MOM very very drunk. My Jim Beam has taken a bashing as have 5 bottles of wine...
  20. Pretty bad now

    Havent been on the bike for over 2weeks,took it out today and its coughing an squirting in every gear!! Does anyone have any ideas goning change the oil at weekend and probably clean the carb out,but the noise is like a jingy soundwhile tick over and revs!:confused: Hopefully not to serious!!:(