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  1. Grasser/Bobber chopper !

    Dominator / FMX
    Bike Shed in a couple of weeks time, and only finished bikes are accepted for show. So to finish the bike off me 'n Johnny B headed down to Salisbury to get a primary drive cover made. Here's Tony pointing at his work of art ( it took him about five hours from scratch to make it). More...
  2. A Brief History of Mopeds

    Traditional mopeds are a part of motorcycle culture that is fast disappearing, rendered obsolete by changing laws and now kept alive mainly by the hard work of dedicated fans. The term ‘moped’ is now often used interchangeably with sub-50cc scooters, but the true original mopeds were quite...
  3. They stole my Vara...

    ...and I was struggling to work out how. Nicked from work car park and headed for fields, I followed tracks across them, I was sprinting and I'm no slouch for a big lad! I was a few mins behind them, loads of folk telling me... Couldn't see how they'd pushed it up the hills, doubt they started...
  4. New Influx Magazine - Scooter Mania and Teenage Kicks

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to drop in and let you know about the new edition of Influx Magazine. This month we’ve been chatting with veterans of the scooter scene, we headed to the coast to shoot scooters by the seaside, and we’ve been looking back at the post-war history of scootering and...
  5. Wanted: RD07 Right passanger footpeg hanger bracket

    What's it worth?
    Hi All, Anybody have one hanging around the garage waiting for a new owner? I live in Tanzania, East Africa, not Tasmania, South of Oz!! Can you believe stuff I have ordered has headed in that direction!;) Anyway, will you be willing to post?:) Cheers Steve
  6. NW Posse outing 5th April

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well what a brilliant day out but it did start foggy but as soon as it cleared wow what a day. First time I have met Mikethebike I would have liked to get a pic when he fell over but he got it upright to quick, amazing how a small rut can stop you :) Anyway we met up at Devils bridge for a brew...
  7. Running on one cylinder

    Africa Twin
    Parked the bike (RD07) up before xmas, last ride home it rained like the clappers. Started it ok this morning, half way to work it started running on one pot with the second one cutting in randomly. I did this for a few minutes, getting worse, so I turned and headed for home. On the way back it...
  8. Broken Indicator Stalk

    Quick question to all Just caught the right rear indicator stalk when parking my bike this morning and it has snapped around the cross headed bolt on the stalk.. temporary fix thank god for cellotape. Question is i have checked around and can the stalk can be replaced ie part no. 33601MCB671...
  9. Bank Holiday Weekend riding with my son

    James and i headed off yesterday up to Devils bridge then over to the Windermere ferry and over Wrynose pass and on to Boot back via Ulpha and he rode brilliantly. one . very proud dad. then today nipped to Oulton Park for the BSB which was very exciting. all in all a great weekend, what did...
  10. oil leaking

    Africa Twin
    Tiny drop of oil under the bike, so checked oil level - all fine, and headed off regardless. Only Milton Keynes and back. Left the bike for half an hour, bigger drop of oil under bike. Centre stand oily, Remove bash plate. oil all on the left side. Check oil filter has not come loose but...
  11. Transalp 600v 88plate 'E' battery charging help please?

    Hi All I've got a 600v E "88" its now had 3 batteries, I've checked and sorted out the wiring, I put on the new battery today and headed out for a ride did about 50miles and the battery was flat! do you think it's the Regulator or rectifier! Any help would be grateful. Many Thanks TTB1 Dan
  12. More of a rest report really . . . .

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Gotta say that Michelin Anakees that have done 6k miles are Poo in the snow . . . Got the machine upright - nowt bent or broken . . . . . so I headed to lower levels . . . . nearly sea level on the Spey just down from Fochabers . . . Only minus 1.5 today, so things are warming up a bit...
  13. Hither & thither in the Highlands

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Little run out on the @ today, seeing as how the rain has, in the main, been blown away. Headed west towards Inverness, with the idea of stealing a coffee and some biscuits from Schloss Lowflyer. A secluded glen provided some nice views . . . Rapped on Lowflyers front door, with no reply...
  14. Out Again

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Nice today (for a change), so headed into Mid-Wales. Mainly road, but some un-tarred Tracks... A surprise find.. One for the Ladies :D Llyn Clywedog A nature Reserve near Machllynlleth
  15. Out Yesterday

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    As my Riding Buddy PhilW was busy at work Yesterday, and there was a break in the Weather. I decided to have a saunter up to Mid-Wales and take in some Minor Lanes and Trails. Claerwen Fishing Lake North of Claerwen Then on up to Devils Bridge and onto Nant-Y-Moch, with a mixture of Tarmacced...
  16. Lake Vyrnwy to Bala

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Me and a mate (i know you thought I hadn't got any) headed into Wales for a jaunt seeing as how the weather was stunning. We first made for Lake Vyrnwy onto Lake Bala via the back roads befor carrying on to Llangollen and home a cracking day, I know its a lengthy video (again ) but these roads...
  17. Wanted: Honda fasteners

    For Sale / Wanted
    A long shot, does anyone have a 'few' (ideally want/need 5 - 10) of the large headed screw fasteners of the type that hold the sumpguards etc to the Alp/AT etc knocking around? Preferably not overly rusty or chewed! Happy to supply beer tokens in exchange. Phil
  18. Does falling off always hurt less than you expect?

    On Saturday, rather than riding an out-of-commission bike to the maintenance day I decided to ride it home without the simplest of checks. It is therefore entirely my fault that the rear tube parted company from the valve causing the bike to slew all over the road while I was overtaking and...
  19. Wanted: large headed Tank bolts

    For Sale / Wanted
    Can anyone point me in the right direction as to were to get these - need 2 lost 1 and one will need drilled out to remove - large headed bolts on the front of the tank thanks James
  20. Headed to the middle east

    Hey - Im just about to take off (sept 19th) on a trip through Greece, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and end up in Israel. Just wondering if anyone has done a trip like this and might be able to offer some suggestions OR if anyone might be interested in riding a bit with me! Let me know!