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  1. 650 exhaust front pipes question

    I have a set of headers that were sold to me as for a 600. they came as a complete exhaust with the standard muffler. But the front pipe is clearly set for a 650. However there is no catalytic converter. Am I right after research that they will be from the very early 650 before 1992?. Please...
  2. Honda FMX 650 / dominator / etc... exhaust question

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi. I have bought an FMX. Currently I have more important problems solve with it, but in future I would like to at least upgrade exhaust + carb jet + air filter. I have done exhaust manual rework for my suzuki gs500 in past. I just cut off old can and welded new straight can onto it. Also...
  3. Varadero & the addiction to modifying

    I feel that yesterday's Vtr shock fitment was the final chapter to project "Varastorm". Here's a list of modifications that I've done to my trackday Varadero :) I'm a bit shocked with the amount of things that I've done to it over the years, but here they all are in one thread, Engine...
  4. Strange custom header, spare engine and Keihin flat slide carb

    Dominator / FMX
    Just bought a 2006 FMX 650. Found this strange custom header in a box of spares that came with the bike. Anyone have any idea if they would fit or the performance etc. Also got a spare 650 engine and a Keihin 42mm flatslide carb ;-) The engine and carb will be sold later just want opinions if...
  5. GPR Exhaust & Headers For Sale

    Africa Twin
    The exhaust is for the RD03 but I’m sure it’s a close fit for other models. Price is €150 Price New is €265 RD03 Headers €100 Might fit other models but I’m not sure 89 HRC Africa Twin 650
  6. Wanted: Africa Twin RD07A exhaust headers

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, Could anyone tell me, if i can get stainless headers for my Africa twin RD07A so that i can order. Thanks in advance, Terence :thumbup:
  7. Anyone want to help swap my engine? I'm too scared :/ ....

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone. So I found a low mileage engine from a 1993 rd07 with a GREAT output shaft so that i can replace the oil slurping 80k in my 1998 rd07a! Woohoo!:blob7: My clutch is knackered too so i'm killing all kinds of bird with this stone :thumbright:. I'm just a bit nervous about doing the...
  8. Dave's mod?

    Dominator / FMX
    As I fitted a Wiseco hi-comp piston to my Dommie, and I'm considering exhaust options (XR headers, 2 into one, different silencers), I wondered about jetting, and also about 'Dave's mod' which I've seen mentioned a few times here but searches yield nothing. So, can anyone point me to 'Dave's...
  9. For Sale: Africa Twin RD07A Arrow Full Exhaust System

    For Sale / Wanted
    Previously fitting to my Transalp for around 4000 summer miles. Complete system comprising headers (72093PD) and Dakar replica can (72639PD). I'll also include new header gaskets. New price combined is £440 - yours for £275 posted to the UK. For non-UK postage I'd just add the difference. I...
  10. Adios Transalp

    I've just said a sad goodbye to my fourth Transalp. A 2,600 mile trip to the south of Spain and back earlier in the year made me realise that the Transalp's performance limitations, while part of its charm, make it less than ideal for covering long distances in a hurry. And in my case 'in a...
  11. For Sale: 2000 Transalp XL650V for sale.

    For Sale / Wanted
    2000 Honda Transalp XL650V owned by me since 2005. I have moved around a lot in those 11 years so the bike spent long periods in storage but always dry and undercover. It was purchased in Holland and imported by me so a full european spec model. Headlight passes MOT no problem and has been...
  12. Exhaust slip on options for a quieter life? '97 XR600

    Currently have an Arrow exhaust can fitted along with the standard headers. I've fitted an after market dB killer which has quietened it down a little but it's still fookin raw loud when revved. If I start that thing up when I'm on the early shift the neighbours will go ape! What are you lot...
  13. For Sale: honda varadero 1000 Chainguard and OEM exhausts

    For Sale / Wanted
    Items removed from a 2007 Fi Varadero 1000 about 4 years ago. Have long since sold the bike. Chain guard standard fitment. Wiped down and most of the oily crap removed. Will bolt straight on. £15 posted. I also have a pair of standard exhausts/silencers (i.e. not the headers) removed...
  14. Arrow exhaust

    Dominator / FMX
    Finally got round to fitting my exhaust, i mite sound abit dumb but is the headers ment to get red cus of how hot it is? Or is my engine running hotter than it shud thanks
  15. For Sale: Honda Xr400 R bits for sale including complete exhaust

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have for sale original XR400 tail pipe and also a set of original headers in great condition - £90.00 ono I also have a 2nd original XR400 tail pipe - 1 careful owner, but several less careful - £20.00 ono 1 set of used original steel handlebars - £5.00 I have a used barrel & piston 440cc...
  16. XRV650 Exhaust and fairing questions

    Africa Twin
    I have questions re the above. I have owned my RD03 for a good few years and miles now and certain parts are getting tired. I have not read anywhere but has anybody had any experience of fitting Arrow 650 Transàlp headers to an RD03 as I have read of the reverse. Also has anybody any experience...
  17. Wanted: XRV 650 parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all Decided to finish my project, but due to selling a few parts in the past, I'm unable to do so. What I need for my RD03 (XRV 650)is: - rear left fairing - rear right fairing - rear luggage rack + carrier - headers + protectors - muffler (does not have to be OEM) - taillight - seat...
  18. Transalp link pipe for Lazer muffler

    Hi There, Anyone has idea how to connect universal Lazer muffler to Transalp original headers? The diameter of the connection in Lazer muffler is 70mm and the diameter of the original header where I create the link pipe is around 42mm if I recall it right. I have searched the "DIY" (Do it...
  19. Heat wrap headers

    The exhaust headers on the transalp, are a sight for sore eyes. Surface rust galore! I've been considering heat wrapping the headers, which I've done previously on car exhaust manifolds. If I was to heat wrap the bike exhaust, with it being open to the elements, if it gets soaked from rain...
  20. headers

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Could anyone tell me, if the stainless headers from the Africa twin, would fit a 650 transalp? Thanks in advance, jasper P.S. great forum b.t.w